18th January – Plymouth Comedy Club

Chris Brooker (MC), Andrew Watts (Opener), Ruth E Cockburn (Middle), Sully O’Sullivan (Closer) or in anagram form (Horror!! Be Sick) / (Wanted Warts) / (Uncork Butcher) / (You’ll luv snails)

And so we are out two days running, this time for the first anniversary of the Plymouth Comedy Club. This is a fantastic club, which has always sold out and has now grown to a 2-nighter with the same comics in 2 different local venues. 

Tonight was their first Anniversary and they had a cake to celebrate and lovely it was too. Chris Brooker books and MC’s this night and has a very easy job as the crowd are always up for it, Though it is hard to get anyone to sit in the front row 🙂 

Andrew Watts was opening and did a great job, and was obviously appreciated by the crowd. We first saw him last summer doing a preview show before Edinburgh. That night we were the only paying members of the audience, with the other half-a-dozen being friends of the organiser (who did refund our money out of embarrassment!). He put on a good show then despite the small crowd and also when we saw him after Edinburgh. His is a set scattered with great little tidbits of pub quiz info, as well as rants and subliminal tips on picking up women. It is an act that might be too clever for some, but we love it, and so did the audience.

Ruth E. Cockburn did the middle spot, A charming lady, with commentary on past relationships, drug use, Brazilians (not the people!). She ends with a charming little ditty on Chlamydia. Despite saying she can’t sing – she can – and well, so maybe should include a couple more songs.Though their are already some really good musical comics out there, we could quite happily see her as another. Another act we will be very happy to see again.

Closer for the night was Sully O’Sullivan, our second Kiwi headliner in two nights. We first saw Sully in December MC’ing a Christmas party gig in Bristol, and we could see he was good then, and so were looking forward to seeing him headlining a set. He started and maintained things at his pace, with a deadpan expression and eyes absorbing throughout. Never did a smile cross his face. But this was a set of such power. A racist gag, then when the audience laughed at it, he would chastise them. Clever wordplay, and never is there a better example of a man who could take difficult subjects and make them funny, without any suggestion of offence, and who can take the audience with him, mesmerised. A total master of his craft, and certainly on of the best comics we have seen. A real superstar in the making. The audience got it and his ovation was well deserved.

All in all, a wonderful night. (And I was sober as my turn to drive!). A well deserved 5/5 and tickets already selling well for the next two nights in April. 




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