25th January – Laughing Stock at the Salmon

Our first trip of the year to the Leaping Salmon at Horrabridge. We have many regular gigs we love, but this one is almost certainly our favourite. A quaint pub in the middle of a lovely village, with a wonderful landlord and lovely staff. We follow the pub and Shaun the landlord always has some event going on, he works harder than any landlord I have seen and really does try and get a great spirit of community going. If we didn’t live so bloody far away, this would be our local.

First up our MC for the night Pete Dobbing (Inept Gobbed), he warmed the crowd up nicely ‘5alarms’, but this is usually a crowd that needs little warming up as they are always up for it.

IMGA0449Pete Dobbing

Opening were O’Shea & O’Gaukroger (Gags A Euro Hooker). These girls are stars in the making. We first came across them at Plymouth B-Bar last year when they did some of their sketches as MCs for the night. We liked them enough to go to their full show in Totnes which was our 142nd and last gig of 2013 they were fantastic then and they were fantastic again tonight, with a couple of new sketches. We thought they might have trouble in such a small space, but not a bit of it. Haiku Wars – brilliant. Last time we saw them I was the clacker, this time someone else got the job :(. We hope they will remember us, with free tickets when they are TV stars

.IMGA0447O’Shea & O’Gaukroger

Into the middle section of the show and the two open spots. First up the very new Patrick Casey (Practices Yak), a solid showing and plenty of promise for the future. Then came another favourite of ours Garrett Millerick (Girl Clit Marketer), who we were seeing for the third time in quite a short space of time. Garrett is already a pretty seasoned performer, with a full show under his belt. We love his vitriol and rage, and his ‘Who is your favourite celebrity sex offender?’ routine. We would have to say our favourite Celebrity Sex Offender is Mr. Benn, always in and out of the closet. Adopting disguises so he doesn’t get caught doing his naughty deeds, a very unsavoury character indeed. We are due to see him again shortly, at Totnes on 8th February supporting Zoe Lyons, and we heard this night that he is also back at the Salmon next month as MC. (Actually March 22 the month after next)

IMGA0450Patrick Casey

IMGA0451A really blurry picture of Garrett Millerick

Finally, our headliner, Cornish legend and all round good egg, Matt Price (mic. Patter). Never has one of my anagrams seemed more appropriate. Matt is a man who takes the microphone and patters. He is at his most effective, with a chatty audience, and he feeds off them. With Alan, ‘Happy’ (can he crack a smile?) David, and ‘Gottle o Geer’ Karen amongst others to riff off this was Matt at his finest. We have seen Matt many times and he tells stories and takes the crowd on a journey with him, and tonight the crowd we all along for the ride. One of the best comics not to be regularly on TV, he is admired by his fellow comics, and by anyone who sees him. it is criminal that he is not much higher up the comedy ladder. If you have not seen Matt before, you can catch him at Annabels in Plymouth on 6th April. We will certainly be there again.

IMGA0452The legend Matt Price

Everyone was happy, it was a fab atmosphere from start to finish and the acts did the business. Another 5/5.


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