30th January 2013 – Katherine Ryan – Nature’s Candy / Jeff Leach Exeter Phoenix

Another trip up the A38 straight from work and our first (and last) meal deal at the Phoenix.  Two meal choices very unimpressive food, but this was our only gripe on another wonderful night of comedy.

First up Jeff Leach, the ‘enfant terrible’ of comedy. We had seen Jeff twice before. The first time, at Edinburgh at a late night show he was a bit of a knob, and his knob got a bit of an airing, a little too close to my face for my liking. Still it was our best Edinburgh story which has been trotted out regularly ever since. The second time was at Plymouth B-Bar where he coped well with a mardy crowd, and at one point we and he thought he was going to get beaten up. Still that was a really good night and turned our initial perceptions about him on their head.

Tonight, he showed a much more mature attitude and slightly turned down his previous, often confrontational, style. His lifestyle changes have really started to translate into his comedy. A performance sure to win new fans, if this continues the rest of the tour. We had a chat again afterwards and he is a nice bloke. We spoke to another couple in the audience in the interval who had seen him before and ‘did not like him and his language and aggressiveness’, they said they had changed their mind after tonight. We particularly liked an improve bit, very reminiscent of the great Mr Tony Law. One think about Jeff is that he really does need to change his name. he is a nightmare to try to anagram (‘Ja! Elf Chef’ as good as I could do).

Katherine (Eek! Tranny Hair) is currently blossoming. A string of TV appearances, mean she is much in demand and has brought about this tour. The audience were captivated from the start. Everyone is eased into the set by the rather fun airing of tweets posted about the city in response to a tweet from Katherine in the morning. A mix of allsorts, from tales of a single mum to blow jobs. All with a relaxed confident style that we loved, and crucially all funny. And speaking to her, she is lovely!

Everyone went home happy if the applause and laughter was anything to go by.

Another 5/5

So, January is at an end. With 12 shows and 22 comics seen. A perfick start to the year.


My best anagram ever!


A lovely, if blurry, couple!


As Graham Wilkes has said, a glimpse of Where’s Wally in times to come – cheers mate!


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