Rich Peppiatt 3/2 & Plymouth B-Bar 6/2

Rich Peppiatt ‘One Rogue Reporter’ at Exeter Phoenix was a different kind of show to most we have seen. A vivid mixture or prose and video background, it was a poignant and much deserved attack on the tabloid newspapers for which he once worked. Pranking editiors of such newspapers featured heavily. We enjoyed this a lot, and will be looking out for the C4 TV series commissioned off the back of this show later this year.

Rich Peppiatt

A very good 4/5

Plymouth B-Bar 6th February

This was a sold out night, with three large groups. Which made us worry, when we found out, following the spoilt Ski Lodge gig the Friday before. Two of the groups were there to enjoy themselves and behaved impeccably, the third, a bunch from Sainsbury’s in Plymouth had one particular member who was determined that the night was all about him. And didn’t care a toss about anyone else in the room.

MC Sara Benham tried to address this early on, but Mr. ME was having none of it, and continued to heckle non stop, at every sentence. Opener Lloyd Griffith came on and it was all the same. He had to go so far off course to try and shut the idiots up that he cut sections of his act which never got going, which was a shame, as we knew he has some good material having seen him in Edinburgh last year. Apparently, he spoke to some of the people outside during the break and they thought they were supposed to get involved like they did as it was part of the show. And that somehow, their ‘amazing’ input would make the acts better. For fucks sake. The rest of the room enthusiastically joined in a chant of ‘Shut the fuck up’ at the morons, but they were having none of it.

Sarah Benham Lloyd Griffith Lloyd Griffith (2)

The second section saw two newcomers. First up Marc Cox, whether intimidated by the atmosphere caused or not, he struggled to get going and lost his track several times. A section put in about the road signs around Plymouth missed the mark as no-one in the room knew what he was referring to. Not his night. Next up the bizarre and surreal Simon Marcus, singing, dancing and playing a guitar. A very surreal mix of odd songs and a very distinctive look. We enjoyed him a lot and will look forward to seeing him again.

Marc Cox Simon Marcus

In the break before headliner Ron Vaudry, the Sainsbury’s lot fucked off. With 1/3 of the audience no-longer there a big void was left in the middle of the room which looked most odd. And so it was left to Ron to save the night from total disaster. We have seen Ron twice before and he is a real seasoned pro. His comedy often challenges an audience and often treads around taboos, and it was interesting to watch how certain bits went down. He was clearly well received by the audience, and that included us. We like his act a lot, and despite little that we had not seen before from him, we have not tired of his act.

Ron Vaudry

Overall, we have to say, this was the worst B-Bar gig we have been to – and this was 90% down to Sainsbury’s. For the night overall 0/5, for the comedy itself 2/5.


Rich Peppiatt – Pathetic PI PR / Sarah Benham – Rehabs a man / Ron Vaudry – Ova Run Dry / Lloyd Griffith – I flog dry filth / Marc Cox – Ram Ox CC / Simon Marcus – Ransom music


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