5th March – Micky Flanagan Hall for Cornwall, 6th March – Plymouth B-Bar

5th March – Micky Flanagan

A long trip down to Truro during the working week for this show. But boy was it worth it. A lighter first half followed by a second half of superbly crafted material and some lovely callbacks. This show was made for me as it tells of Micky’s turning 50 (I am 50 in a month). The angst of finding you now listen to Magic Fm (not a problem for Carole and I, aged closet Goths), sharing a bed with a menopausal woman (Mentalpausal, as Carole describes herself), running for buses, and children. Lots of subjects that are not new, but very little is in comedy these days. Micky has a lovely, natural delivery, which has been honed during his many years on the circuit before his recent fame. A show that had Carole and I literally crying with laughter. This was comedy at its best, a show that everyone can enjoy.  Gawd bless you Micky my son and lets hope the same deserved level of fame comes to some of our other friends who have been doing this as long. 5/5.Image

Anagram – ‘Nick, My Anal Fag’

6th March – Plymouth B-Bar

As previously blogged, we did not enjoy last month at the B-Bar which was spoilt by one large group who would not shut up. We hoped tonight would be better, and were looking forward to seeing two new faces for us and two familiar ones. We were not to be disappointed.

MC tonight was Rhys Mathewson (‘Wash Rots Hymen’) who we had only seen opening at Annabels a couple of weeks before. We thought he was made to be an MC, and did a fantastic job tonight with the crowd with some lovely interactions. At 22 years of age he has just the right balance of maturity and immaturity. He is also MC’ing at the Leaping Salmon on 25th April, so please go and check him out yourself.

Opening tonight was Jessica Fostekew. I was really looking forward to seeing her as she is friends with a lot of acts we love and we had heard great things. And she certainly delivered. A beautiful style which had the crowd on her side from the start. A dodgy microphone led to her abandoning it completely and this worked even better for her as this freed her up for using her body more in her delivery. Her material about cursory old drivers was excellent. All in all a beautiful set and it left us wanting more, which we will get at the Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh in August where we will see her full show. She was as charming off stage as on. Her anagram belies the truth “Sweet F.A. jokes [sic]”.

After the break tonight’s middle act was Graham Whistler. Our only previous encounter was about a year ago at the Leaping Salmon. He was promising then, but tonight with an extra year behind him we saw how much he come on. Graham has Cerebral Palsy and his unique selling point is that he plays on this to its maximum effect. In a world so politically correct, it is a fine line between what is acceptable or not and Graham is so refreshing in showing you that is is fine to laugh at things that are funny and that having a disability does not mean you cannot laugh. He tells how he offended disabled people while trying out for the GB Paralympic team. His Edinburgh show last year ‘Stand Up, Fall Down’ got four star reviews and we really hope he keeps developing like he has. Anagram ‘Whams Rear-Light’.

Finally tonight our headliner was a veteran performer in Alan Francis. Scottish in origin and a softly spoken performer. He has a wealth of experience and material to draw on. One guy in the audience was a bit drunk by now, but Alan handled him, and his interruptions, in a lovely manner, keeping his momentum going and the audience with him all the way. A fantastic set which capped a magnificent night. Anagram ‘Car Fails Nan’.

A great night of comedy, faultless. 5/5. Well done BBar and see you again on Saturday for the fantastic Craig Campbell.Image

Jessica, Alan, Graham, Rhys.


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