9th March – Plymouth BBar – Craig Campbell

A little bit of background. We first saw Craig at the BBar last year and were immediately hooked. His storytelling is peerless and that night his crowd interactions in the first half of the show were the best we had seen from anyone to that point. We came away wowed and when we booked up our Edinburgh shows for last year, his ‘Return of the Lumberjacks’ with Glen Wool and Stewart Francis was our highlight for the first night up there. Lets not forget Kurt Braunohler who was their special guest that night. Before Edinburgh we also caught Craig supporting Frankie Boyle in front of a sell out crowd at Plymouth Pavilions and, to be frank, he was much funnier than Frankie.

Tonight’s gig was only announced a week previously and was a warm up gig for Craig’s first DVD recording the following day, having secured a deal with Channel 4.

There was not a huge amount of new material tonight, it was a recap of Craig’s best stories to date, some of which he had not told in a while. Tales of a surreal mugging in Brussels and his horrendous motorcycle accident were not new to us, but the way he spins his tales are always fresh.

A new story to us was his tale of airport drinking, which particularly resonated with us, as we had to down a load of booze in Fuerteventura in January before flying home.

Just after the break an interaction with Carole could have gotten us into a lot of trouble with the BBar management! I was so embarrassed at Carole at that moment.

The show ended with Craig’s superb tale of his trip on a mountaineering expedition to climb Mt McKinley. I won’t spoil it, but it has an unexpected ending, both painful but hilarious at the same time.

A huge ovation and hopefully this will set him up nicely for the two recordings today. We hope he does really well from the DVD and continues to come down and visit. We got to get an autograph again and have a chat and clarified a tale we were told the other day when giving Irish comic Andrew Stanley a lift.  Which reminds me, about a story Craig told about fellow Canadian Tony Law (Our favourite comic and at the BBar 6th April), we will ask Tony about this when we meet him.

An unreserved 5/5 and see you again at Edinburgh in August if not before.

Craig Campbell – anagram – Crap Glib Camel or using his middle name Alan – Magical Carnal Pleb.



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