10th March – Exeter Corn Exchange – Lady Ha Ha

Line up: Kate Smurthwaite MC, Carly Smallman, Diane Spencer, Amy Howerska, Vikki Stone or in anagram form Tweet Smart Haiku, Mr.Man, All Scaly, Send In A Creep,  A Marshy Ewok, Invoke Skit.

A very funny night, this one. An all female line-up during International Women’s Week. This drew a largely female audience. And the biggest group were on one big table right in front of the stage. We were really looking forward to this as we see a dearth of good female comics coming down our way. in fact of 26 shows this year before tonight, only 12 of 68 acts have been women, and usually they stood out above their male counterparts.

MC Kate Smurthwaite did a very good job, and set an initial filth level with a tale culminating in her having the ‘glossiest pubes in town’. Nothing controversial here just standard comedy fare, but already glowering looks from the centre table.

First up Carly Smallman with some very funny songs the first about how she is in love with her perfect man, he just happens to be her brother. Then a brilliant one written to give her niece advice when she becomes a woman. A love song for herself, and then a singalong to a version of ‘Living on a Prayer’. A short but sweet set.

Kate then came on and mentioned how she had gotten into trouble over a joke asking why so many paedophiles have the first name Reverend, we liked this! But others clearly didn’t.

Then came one of our absolutely favourite acts in Diane Spencer. We saw her at Plymouth BBar, she came she threw intelligent filth everywhere, then she left straight away on that occasion. Tonight was a very similar set, with highlights being her take on being ginger, or a ranga. And her days as a primary teacher. Diane has a potty mouth, but used to amazing effect. During her set the front table started getting distracting by talking amongst themselves, so Diane addressed this with a sweet menopausal put down. This caused a bunch of that table to walk out, and they did not come back. We look forward to meeting her at some time.

Into a break then came our friend Amy Howerska, who we have seen a lot of, she continues to grow into her set, and her takes on Romantic Porn, and sexy lab technicians always make us smile. Alas tonight, her fingering gag, while very funny, seemed to be the catalyst for several more walk outs. We thought the set was better than ever though – hope you enjoyed the Rioja!

Finally our headliner, another musical comic in Vikki Stone. Highlights here, her song about her love for Phillip Schofield with the story behind it. Her rant on fake false people. A song on lifes big questions – particular liked by Carole who also loves the subject Dr Brian Cox. A rousing finale with the Theme from Jurassic Park. A really ballsy performer, full of confidence, and fun.

That was it, a night of superb comedy, but with a really weird atmosphere. 4/5.

Some Vikki Stone Videos here: http://www.vikkistone.com/videos.html

And Carly Smallman ones her http://www.carlysmallman.com/videos/


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