21st March 2013 – Annabels, Plymouth


Kim Hope, T.J. Shoesmith, Matt Green (Poke Him, Jim’s The Host, Gent Mater)

Another quality night at Annabels. We got to the final 3 of the joke competition but failed miserably. Winner (to the question ‘What’s the difference between the Pope and a Garlic Crusher?’)  ‘One pushes things through small holes, and the other is a Garlic Crusher’. Our joke was not helped by our hosts inablity to read it properly!!

Tim (T.J.) Shoesmith, compered tonight, we have seen him at many venues and he always does a solid job when hosting. With a mix of comedy and magic, he is always a popular performer at places we have seen him. Not too much magic tonight but his warm up guess an animal was totally screwed up by an audience member, and another who was asked to join in a simple number trick also totally screwed it up. Some nice audience interactions and Tim went into a cringeworthy but really funny intro of our opening act for the evening.

And so cometh Kim Hope to the stage.  As blogged in a Totnes review a couple of weeks ago, she was an instant hit with us.  She lunges, pulls funny faces, has amazing eyes, and what comes out of her Aussie mouth is very funny. With the beauty of Goldie Hawn, and the face pulling of Jim Carrey, she is surely destined for big things. Particularly funny tonight, her hatred of small children and the certainty that babies are not on her agenda. She is also a lovely woman off stage.

A break, the joke competition, and then out headliner. The sublime Matt Green.  Matt makes a lot of his lack of appearance, but reality is, he is a smart performer, both in look and mental acumen. We could see his eyes absorbing the audience reactions and letting this drive him on. The only other person we had seen so focused this year being the amazing Sully O’Sullivan. Matt is made for TV, his observations on the mundane stick with you, and his more gruesome stories, including his bottom incident also went down well. A well thought out, well paced, set and he will always do well. One member of the audience let out a huge burp at one point which threatened to derail things but despite a few minutes down a very funny sideline of silly noises, this was also handled in his stride.

Quality night again, and as the guys said afterwards, the reaction they got was well worth the 5 hour hellish journey they had had in torrential rain to get here.

Another predictable 5/5. I rarely give anything else to be honest.


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