22nd March – Leaping Salmon

22nd March 2013 – Leaping Salmon at Horrabridge

Tim O’Connor, Sandi Smith, Danny Buckler (Not Moronic, Hit and Miss, Lurk by can end)

What a weird night. We arrived for one of our favourite gigs after a 20 mile trip, and as soon as we walked in the door we could hear Shaun on the phone to our MC for the night Garrett Millerick who had broken down at Gordano Services Bristol and was not going to make it, along with opener Neil McFarlane and open spot Pierre Novellie). So at this point in time we had open spot Tim O’Connor and headliner Mark Felgate to look forward to. We then found that Mark had also pulled out of the gig to be replaced by Danny Buckler, so at least we had 2 acts. Mirth put out an emergency call for backup troops and an hour later Sandi Smith arrived.

Our tenner for the night was halved to a fiver, but we also got a curry for that. So whatever we were going to get comedy wise was effectively free.

Landlord Shaun was an impromptu MC and introduced our now opener, Tim O’Connor. We had seen Tim on the 8th February supporting Zoe Lyons on a massive stage in a big town hall in Totnes, that night he came across well, but as he uses lots of visual gags on A4 bits of paper it was hard to see what he was trying to get across. So we thought tonight would be a much more suitable venue for him at this stage of his career. The Zoe Lyons gig was only his 14th and tonight his 25th gig. He is doing really well in such a short period performing. His highlights tonight were his Roger Moore gag, his analogies of his home town Frome, and his collection of wittily named Fish & Chip shops. A brilliant start to the evening. At one point his Music stand collapsed and Carole rescued all of his bits of paper that flew to the floor, she was rewarded by a Certificate of Appreciation for her contribution to heckling, which was a bit harsh. He had read my blog about his previous gig and at one point produced a bottle of MORON TONIC water, an anagram of his name I came up with last time.


While Tim was on, Sandi Smith had arrived having hurtled down from her Exeter home. She was thrown straight on. We had seen her doing her 4th gig at the start of the month and this was only her 7th. Even in a month she had come on immensely, and she settled into a lovely pace, with her tales of middle age. She plays on being a parent well, and has some nice material on not setting too high an expectation for her daughter. Her body takes a bit of self pounding, saggy boobs, and foraging in her lady garden. Really nice to see her again and we are sure we will seeing plenty more of her.


A break and then our headliner Danny Buckler who we had not seen before and we are so glad we have seen him now. He was absolutely superb. He took a long time interacting with the crowd before he actually started the night at one point taking Carole’s son Matt and promising to get him laid before the night was over. The object being two pretty girls at the other side of him.  Matt was to feature prominently throughout. He mentions his (failed) attempts at pulling among the ‘orange women grazing at the bar’ and his mating techniques being akin to Albert Steptoe. He compares himself to an out of shape Richard Hammond. Woking becomes the circle of shite in a play on the Lion King. And his take on Dr. Who is hilarious. A superb set culminating in the Phantom of the Opera. Please go an see him if you can.


So a night that could have been a disaster became a triumph. 5/5 again.



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