31st March – Grosvenor Casino Plymouth

A bit of background, with a four day weekend due to double bank holiday, and an eleven day gap between shows, I was getting comedy DTs over this weekend. It started on Friday when Cerys Nelmes posted she was doing a show in Teignmouth on Friday, and told her friends and followers to get there. So I rang up for tickets to find it was sold out. The following day after asking around comic friends for a gig to go to on Saturday, Sandi Smith posted she was doing one in Brixham on Saturday evening, so I rang for tickets – none available, sold out. I felt destined that we would not see anything over the weekend. Until Sunday afternoon in a vain last attempt for a show I stumbled across this gig. Only five miles from home. However, Carole did not want to go, and I had to work really hard to persuade her to (actually persuasion is not the best way to describe the fact I bought tickets first before begging, in her own words ‘I am very menopausal and don’t like the cold right now’). Further background, we went to a show there last year and it was one of the very worst we went to in the whole of 2012, not due to the comedy, but the fact there were no more than fourteen of us in attendance which left a weird atmosphere all night. We vowed then never to go back, but I pointed out to Carole we should not make a judgement until we have given at least one more go. So I rang for tickets, to find there were only four left. Much more promising.

We did not, however, know the line-up until we arrived and walked straight into opener, Wayne the Weird (anagram ‘Weedy in the raw’, considering the ending to his act, amazingly fitting). The last time we had seen Wayne was at a very disappointing gig at Plymouth Ski Lodge a couple of months ago, which I mentioned here… https://plymouthhohoho.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/plymouth-ski-lodge-1st-february/ . That gig was ruined by a bunch of drunks and, shock horror, just before the start we noticed the leader of that group sitting in the front row. We were fearful of another bad night.

MC Tucker came on. We had previously been one of the dozen or so punters at the aforementioned previous gig  at this venue, and he had headlined that night. And was excellent. Nothing overly challenging, hardest thing was making a decent anagram and I failed ‘E Truck’, but good solid humour unlikely to cause offence. An older punter was the target of a particularly relevant gag about the clocks going forward. We like Tucker a lot. The loudmouthed woman at the front got her jaws doing overtime again, but was dispatched as only a real pro can do. Despite a series of heckles, she found the night was not all about her, and so the rest of the audience were allowed to see what they had paid for.

Opener Wayne the Weird is not a unique act, the are other comedy magicians out there, but he does set a pretty high standard. His act leaves a mess everywhere, but the crowd loved it. I am not going to say much about it as it would give things away, but go and see him if you can, you will be amazed – especially at the grand finale to the act.

A break, and then more of Tucker then our headliner, Special P Francis (CSI Nipple Fracas). He started in typical fashion by berating the crowd for the lack of black faces. And he played on his colour with some mildly racist gags aimed at Chinese, Indians and Arabs. he then moved to staple material about relationships, but his continual calling of women bitches, was quite offensive to us. He then changed tack a bit and did some really good material about age, which we really enjoyed. We thought he was really good.

Overall, a really good night, and so we would recommend their next gig on May 5th, though we will be seeing Stuart Lee in Machynlleth the same night. And Carole forgave me for dragging her out too.


Wayne, Tucker, Special P


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