3rd April – Plymouth B-Bar

We were originially looking forward to this mainly to see David Whitney (The Windy Diva) again, but we found out a couple of weeks before that he had pulled out of the gig. And as per usual Mirth did not publish any changes to their page.

We were pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find Larry Dean had filled the opening spot. Carole is always happy to see a fellow Scot on the bill, and we always have fun with Larry being there.

Firstly, though, came host Jack Samuel Warner. We had not seen him before and before the gig he skulked around a little without a smile on his face. However, when it came to the stage, he was personable, got the audience fully involved, especially a lady behind a pillar who he regularly checked on. he put everyone at ease with a cool measured delivery and occasional voice not unreminiscent of our hero Tony Law. Some groanworthy puns went down well, and all in all he was an excellent MC. We spoke to him after the gig and gave him a lift back to the railway station for his long overnight train back home, and he was an thoughtful chap who we would gladly see again.

So, opener Larry Dean, what more can we say about him? He is one of our favourite acts on the circuit, and fresh from a heat win in the Bath New Act of the Year Competition. He always interacts well with a crowd. He has strong material, particular highlights being his tale of coming out to his parents, and the Glaswegian attitudes to being gay. A new bit tonight also went down really well, was his experience as a guest at a Jewish wedding. He got a slightly bigger cheer than the headliner at the end of the night, and that says it all about him. Went down a treat as always.

A break, and then open spot Tim O’Connor who we were seeing for the third time this year. Though he has still only done a handful of gigs. His act is mainly visual, with lots of A4 pieces of paper being shown. He has steadily improved, tonight slowing down a fraction, though still slightly too fast in his delivery for Carole’s liking. His favourite named tribute acts, and oddly named fish and chip shops featured again and a couple of new bits went down well. I particularly like the ‘Bullingdon Hamsters’ picture. And I liked the gag about sperm ejaculating at 30mph.

A break, then our headliner, Colin Manford who is about to embark on a four month stint playing to British holidaymakers in Turkey. And yes, he is the younger brother of that TV Manford, though we wont mention that here – oops too late, as he is making his own way on the comedy circuit. He opened with some testing the waters for how filthy the crowd wanted the material, and they wanted it proper dirty filthy. A young lass Tasha was the focus for a lot of the humour, with Colin trying to get her to come back to his B&B, a ploy that eventually failed gloriously. This was not new ground but made funnier by the fact that the young ladies Mother was sat with her. Lots of the material was focused on his relationships, being single and his family. Highlights being Nana and the text exchange between his mum and dad. My favourite story involved a bar of Fruit & Nut and his now (not surprisingly) ex-girlfriend.

And so another cracking night at the Bbar comes to and end. Fortunately for us, only three days until we are back there again for Mr Tony Law.

Anagrams: Jack Samuel Warner (Reams Cajun Walker), Larry Dean (Randy Earl), Tim O’Connor (Con Monitor), Colin Manford (Florid Conman)


Tim, Larry, Colin, Jack


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