5th April – Exeter Comedy Club – Corn Exchange

Compere: Louis Ramey, Opener: Jonnie Price, Middle: Chris Cox, Headliner: Mike Bubbins

This was one of those nights where you wish you had stayed at home. A really good line-up had tempted us, but this is a venue set up for big groups at the exclusion of smaller ones. We had tickets 25/26 out of 250 but this did not guarantee us anything. Tables were only reserved supposedly for groups of four or more. And the rest was advertised as unreserved seating. We turned up however to find we were probably the only couple in the room and had been allocated a table as far away from the stage and as far to the side as possible. With the speaker located where it was it meant we had no view of the comedy at all, and were paying for a muffled radio show, made worse by a group a couple of tables away who talked incessantly. This was our view…20130405_230301

So our view of tonight’s comedy was clouded somewhat by what we could actually hear.

Compere Louis Ramey was a brash New Yorker exuding confidence. He played on the black stereotypes but not much, before spending a lot of time concentrating on a single girl near the front. Lots of relationship talk including how collecting boyfriend points eventually leads to anal. And talk of how someone who says ‘I want to cover you in honey and lick it off’ obviously has never done it because of the effort involved. He did a series of impressions, which washed over us. But his best story was about going hunting and colour-blind deer. And spoilt things slightly by making a rohypnol rape joke.

Opener Jonnie Price told tales of love and honesty in the Welsh Valleys, His tale of a holiday to Egypt in August as a fat ginger and how it was a relief to get food poisoning to get inside. How he manages to have a shit with an OCD girlfriend. Tales of sex toys and cunnilingus. And to top it off how his girlfriend and he used the four day ovulation window to try and conceive. He seemed very strong, and we would like to see again.

Middle act Chris Cox is a ‘mindreader who can’t mindread’ his act involved mindtricks/magic a la Derren Brown. Unfortunately, we were too far away to know what was really going on, but it involved a finale where he stripped down to reveal himself in a tiger leotard with leggings, mirroring a prediction made earlier. We will probably seek him out in Edinburgh to see what the show was actually about!

Headliner Mike Bubbins has a colourful past, some of it spent in Exeter as he recalled. A former PE teacher and Elvis impersonator. He told stories of Venice, Barry Island, Freecycle, Being a Child of the 80s, The Olympics and, of course, his Elvis past. We could only see his legs throughout!

Overall, a night that left us wanting more. More of a view, more sound, and more of our our money back. We have already asked for our tickets for June to be refunded as we do not want to go there again. As Josh Widdicombe’s brother Henry once said to me, he likes his comedy in small intimate spaces, we have to agree.

Anagrams: Louis Ramey (Your Emails); Chris Cox (Scorch XI); Jonnie Price (Join In Creep);  Mike Bubbins (Imbibes Bunk)


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