6th April Tony Law – Maximum Nonsense – Plymouth B-Bar

With reserved front row seats, courtesy of the organisers,  we were looking forward, once more, to the luscious Mr Law (Carole’s  description!). We had an extra guest once more in Carole’s son Matt,  and another friend who joined us at the venue, Ems (there’s your mention  Ems as promised)! Drinks in hand, we settled down to enjoy an hour or  two of comedy, knowing we would be watching someone at the top of his  game.

This is the third time we have seen Mr Law’s Edinburgh Show “Maximum  Nonsense” , that’s how good he is, and the show gets better with every  viewing. It’s not quite the same act every time as he tweaks it and  ad libs so there is always something new. We both have favourite bits  which we look forward to with delightful anticipation…Carole was panicking  at one point because she thought one fabulous funny was going to be  missed out, but no, Tony delivered  the set piece with particular  panache and effortless energy much to her gratification.

With frenetic blonde hair, beard and more eyebrow  action than the late Sir Patrick Moore at his best, Tony makes a feature  piece out of his “look”, and invents combos of words to describe  himself. Is he a new ethnic minority or a supreme martial art?? You  will have to pop along to his show and find out for yourself!

“Bullying” the audience; poking fun at several  other “nasty comedians” and introducing a musical element all went  down well with an audience who obviously had begun to realise just where  Tony was coming from. Overheard in the ladies by Carole was a comment  from someone who said she had seen him in various comedic panel shows  but hadn’t realised just how good he was…Tony’s brand of humour isn’t  best shown there.

His take offs of  various Brit accents are a  key part of his act and it gets even funnier when he seems to be struggling  with them and tells himself off for getting it wrong. Schizophrenic  conversations of supreme surrealness ensue and are rewarded with roars  of laughter by the B-Bar’s very appreciative audience.

Mr T has added in several new trial pieces which,  if they go down well, will be included in his new show for this year’s  Fringe. Not wanting to give too much away on that score I can only say  that we are looking forward to excruciatingly boring dinner parties and  trips to the far reaches of the galaxy!

The ending of Tony’s show can only be described as  a sublime surprise, kicking in the face all those who have told him  that he can never finish his shows … we had more accents,  the  audience singing and swaying,  multimedia, torches and pirouetting  pachyderms, and Tony running frantically here and there bringing it  altogether.

Bravo Mr T, we are convinced, you can, indeed, finish  your show.

Ems Heffalumps MrT


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