12th April – Plymouth Ski Lodge

Line up: Paul Gannon MC (Angolan Pun), Opener Don Biswas (Won Ass Bid), Middle Spots Graham Milton (Alarming Moth), Robert Kemp (Temp Broker), Phil Cooper (Pooch Peril), Headliner Joseph Wilson (Jews Lino Shop)

MC Paul Gannon, looking self assured and confident,  opened the show with an apology for the very late 9pm start, then promptly  told us it was all the headliner’s fault (who wasn’t actually in the  room at that point so he could get away with it). He asked the crowd  to lie through their teeth when queried on name and job…which a lad  who was there with a big group of friends had a lot of trouble with…but  eventually told us all that his job was “smashing back doors in”  which raised  laughs from all round. Paul switched his attention  to a very pregnant lady behind us who was happy to tell him that she  was a supermodel called Lulu and was designing her own range of lingerie…cue  pervy comments from Paul and a request for “Lulu’s” partner  to leave the room for a short while! A bit of cynical talk about his  work on Most Haunted with Derek Acora went down well also. Paul is an  accomplished MC, not too offensive and was very easy to listen to…we  liked him a lot.

Next up and opener was Don Biswas. We have seen Don  before (in Exeter) and some of his act was repeated here but he’s a funny guy and there was enough new stuff for us to be happy to see him again.  He points out that he has “Learning Difficulties” mainly Dyspraxia  (which makes him lack organisation/lose things all the time) and elements  of Aspergers and bases a lot of material around that and how the police occasionally help him out! Some material about his walking style (moving  to Blur) and a bit of a political rant at the end and off he went to  much applause.

Graham Milton, first of our middle three section (ten  min slots each), small, skinny and repeatedly scratching his mid section,  while telling us about his lack of luck with women. Speaking at rant  level and with his voice modulating up and down, he has a definite style  of his own and went down favourably with the crowd.

Robert Kemp, very tall, slim and with a definite Jim  Carey resemblance occupied our second ten minute slot with tales of  Zombies and titles for Zombie movies crossed with classic films. What  does a Zombie comedian look and sound like?? We know now!

Last before the headliner was Welshman Phil Cooper,  a genial lad with material about his homeland; the most engaging of  the three and someone to watch out for in the future.

Our headliner, Joseph Wilson was another comedian  that we had seen before but not this year. Having seen him three times  before, with a two out of three success rate, we wondered what was coming.  Joe has lost quite a bit of weight and a beard since we saw him last  and refers to himself as “looking like a young Art Garfunkel.”   A lot of Joseph’s act revolves around his talents with voices and accents  and he can knock out a good operatic tune as well.  He asks us  which accents ladies prefer and gets lots of suggestions, so we get  Southern Irish, Northern Irish (watch out hecklers; Ian Paisley is coming  to get you!), Scots, Scouser, Welsh, X-factor announcers and then his  rousing tenor voice with his own worded version of Nessun Dorma as a  finale. When Joseph is on top form, like tonight, he is definitely worth seeing.



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