26th/27th April – Leaping Salmon & Plymouth Comedy Club

Friday – Leaping Salmon, Horrabridge

MC Rhys Mathewson (Trashy Showmen), Opener Tom Appleton (Melt Ant Poop), Middle Will Scambler (Screw Ill Lamb), Headliner Nat Luurtsema (Real Mutt Anus)

Saturday – Plymouth Comedy Club, Derriford Health and Leisure Centre

MC Chris Brooker (Oh Rib Corkers), Opener Dan Mitchell (Mental Child), Middle Scott Bennett (Nett Cost Bent), Headliner John Warburton (Narrow Job-hunt)

A weekend double header at two of our favourite clubs, with half the acts new to us. Starting out on Friday with our MC Rhys Mathewson , a face well familiar to us this year. Equally adept as a main act or MC, he had another cracker of a night here tonight, though he didn’t have to work too hard with the crowd here, they are always responsive and respectful, and the few heckles that came were dispatched with ease. Another good performance and lets hope he does well with his Edinburgh show at the Pleasance.

Opening tonight was another youngster, Tom Appleton, who is instantly recognisable by his punk look with awesome Mohican in 7 points, as he called himself ‘a seven horned unicorn’. But Tom was not an offensive act as you might have expected from the stereotypes, he had some clever puns, and engaging stories. A thoroughly likeable chap as we found out talking to him later. Definitely someone to watch.

Second up Will Scambler, who we had seen in Totnes in early March and Exeter last summer. Will had another good night, with his story of his date in Nandos going down well again. Will has one major problem, his name, every time we have seen him billed, his name has been spelt differently, even tonight when he again had an R added to make him Scrambler. I even did the same myself with him in March!

Headliner tonight was Nat Luurtsema. We found out she was on at lunchtime Friday and I was quite excited as she is part of the sketch troupe Jigsaw. Carole and I love sketch comedy and are largely starved of it off the TV. We had been due to see Jigsaw in January, but treble bookings meant they cancelled that night. Nat stands well as an artist in her own right, with tales of broodiness, how she shaves one leg only. Her break up with another comic, also touring and doing material on it. And a great tale of a visit to a sex sauna in Paris. Thoroughly enjoyable end to the night. All the acts were fantastic afterwards despite a 4-5 hour drive back to London to face. Another cracking night at the Salmon, for £10 including a curry you really can’t fault it.


Tom, Will, Rhys and Nat.

Onto Saturday, and the second night of the Plymouth Comedy Club, following Friday at Plymouth Citybus. This is an altogether more professional setup. And the fact they run the gig over two days, means they can get much bigger names. The nights sell out months in advance and will continue to do so.

Chris Brooker, is the booker and always comperes these nights. In our opinion he is the best MC going, as he never repeats himself, can draw out humour in anything, and always has the crowd under control. He lets the hecklers have a go at him, deals with them, and has the crowd perfectly well behaved for when the acts come on. It is a real skill, which many MCs completely fail to master. In fact most MCs we have seen are only interested in doing their own material, and sometimes to not even know, or care, who they are presenting.

So, onto the acts themselves. And first up Welshman Dan Mitchell who we last saw live at the Gala night of the Cardiff Comedy Festival last July supporting Omid Djalili. Knowing we were seeing him tonight we had watched a couple of DVDs this week on which he features. A lot of tonights material was not new to us, but we still enjoyed again. Some of his material is quite surreal, including his finale song to a woman in the audience. A great opening.

Second up, Scott Bennett, a charismatic Yorkshireman, with tales about his dad, especially one about Carveries. This was hilarious. A great act.

Headliner tonight John Warburton, a Mancunian who oozes class. He speaks in such a calm measured way that you hang on every word. And everything has a meaning. One of the most enjoyable acts we have seen. His tale of expecting an iPad for his birthday is brilliant.

Another cracking night and tickets for the two July shows are already nearly sold out. Get yours now while you can http://www.plymouthcomedyclub.co.uk/tickets/


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