1st May – Plymouth B-Bar


MC T.J. Shoesmith (Josh met shit), Opener Iszi Lawrence (Larcenies Wiz), Middle David Arnold (Odd and Viral), Headliner Jamie Bowen (I Wee Nob Jam)

A night we probably would not have gone to if we had known the original headliner named on Mirth Control’s page had been withdrawn and replaced. A constant thing we find happening. This left us with a  night with a complete line-up we had seen before and a feeling of deja vu. Tim Shoesmith did his normal solid job MC’ing, though he did make a slightly embarrassing gaffe by calling middle act David Arnold something completely different. Iszi Lawrence was very good, both in terms of material and performance. Biggest cheers of the night however came for unpaid middle act David Arnold. Yet again his story went down a storm. This does have to be somewhat tempered by the fact that having recently moved to Plymouth, his girlfriends workmates occupied the whole second row and were enthusiastic in their support. Still we like David and have seen him since his earliest gigs and have never seen him struggle. Jamie was headliner at our first gig of the year at Annabels. We liked him a lot then, and nothing happened to change our opinions. The material was largely the same, but strong and delivered well.

All in all a really good night, despite its familiarity.


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