15th May 2013 – Bigmouth Comedy Club – Totnes


Left to right: Chris Brooker (MC) (Hi Bros Rocker),  Ciamh McDonnell (Headliner) (Chinned Malcolm), Adam Staunton (Opener) (A Standout Man), Helen Keeler (Middle) (Heel Kneeler)

It is worth noting that tonight is not as full as two months ago. Surely this is not due to the quality of the gig two months ago, which was really one of the best of the year so far. Another comedy club has opened in Totnes and bizarrely timed, it was due to be on the night after this one so maybe a relation there. Numbers slightly down, but still a healthy crowd.

As with all Chris Brooker nights, we were full of high expectations, and yet again this night did not disappoint. Chris himself, did what he does best and keeps everyone happy and under control. Unlike most MCs, he realises the night is about the acts he has booked and not himself, and unlike other MCs he does not have a huge ego, taking over the whole show on his own behalf. Chris’ best interactions tonight come at the expense of Aaron Elvis Jones in the front row.  Priceless. But Chris always elicits something good out of a crowd.

First up tonight Adam Staunton, who plays on his looks to full effect. Adam is 5ft 1in, is 25 years old, but he looks 12. His act is an engaging series of tales playing on this, and lack of luck with girls etc. Really enthralling and confidently delivered throughout, he tells us he does have a girlfriend now, and she is 38! Excellent set and well received.

Second up, Helen Keeler (as she says NOT Keller) who, like Adam, hails from the Merseyside area. She is a very scary looking lady with a tight corset on top of her dress. Very engaging, and it becomes even more so when she reveals she has a toyboy. She is 38 and her boyfriend is 25 – see the connection! The rest of her set peaks with the stories of their relationship and she leaves to hearty applause.

Finally tonight, the excellent Caimh McDonnell, a genial Irishman, apparently only 37, though with his totally white shock of hair, he looks much older. We had spoken to him last August at the Fringe, where he was trying to get us to buy tickets for his show. We had no knowledge of him then and ended up having a minor light hearted spat over Sarah Millican, for who Caimh writes material. His tale of reverse mugging was a highlight of a fantastic set, delivered with such charm. As is often the case, the headliner got the largest cheer and deservedly so. A fantastic end to a fantastic show.

Next night here is June 10th, This is a fantastic night, I urge you to go.


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