16th May – Annabel’s


Nicky Wilkinson (MC) (Kinky Cow= Nil Sin), Dan Thomas (Opener) (Damns Oath), Susan Murray (Headliner) (Marry Us Anus)

Well, that was a funny night. It was one we were looking forward to, as we has not seen Susan before, and she has been a long time pro. But it was to be a complete damp squib.

MC Nicky Wilkinson, came on with great effort, but this was a crowd that did not seem in the slightest to want to be at a comedy night. Apart from a bunch of hecklers who constantly chose to heckle just as some momentum was being built and who managed each time to bring the gig grinding to a halt.

So Nicky tried to get the crowd going, but this was a sign of how the night was to go…

Nicky: ’Give me a cheer if you are married’


Nicky: ‘Give me a cheer if you are single’


When she first came out to the stage the applause finished about 20 seconds before she made it there. This applied to all the other acts. It was like having a tooth pulled, a war of attrition. I like to call this the Stepford Audience.

Even tonight’s joke competiton was as much fun as Cancer. I cant fathom it, why were these people there. We were cringing.

Dan Thomas did a great set, we have seen this go down a storm before. But little enthusiasm tonight. Same for headliner Susan Murray, who had a wealth of material but could not get going with this room.

We have seen some great nights here, and some really weird ones. This night starts late and finishes later. They offer a pizza, drink and comedy deal for £10, so maybe the majority of the audience are only interested in the former parts. Tonight this just didn’t work.

We have a book which almost every comedian we have seen this year has signed. Last night Susan said ‘Ace Night (She Lied)’. I think this sums up tonight in a nutshell.


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