7th August 2013 – Plymouth B-Bar

MC Matt Dwyer – My Red Twat,  Opener Karen Bayley – Key Relay Ban, Middle Louis Burgess – Our Sis Bulges, Headliner Pierre Hollins – Holier Pilsner.

Our last domestic gig before the Edinburgh trip. A sold out audience, which meant getting there late we only had a choice of four seats right at the front. We were later arriving than usual as we had just got back from a trip to Helston to put our chickens into their accommodation while we were away at ‘The Chicken Hotel’. We arrived just before kick off to find Louis at the bar, he had replaced the drop out middle Phil Read. Good news for us and the rest of the audience as we already know Louis’ calibre. Our only regret at not seeing Phil Read was that I thought I had a really good anagram in ‘Harelip’d’.

MC Matt Dwyer is very familiar to us from our earliest gigs. He is one of the best MC’s going and tonight he did another fantastic job. He mentioned that Carole and I had seen him about a dozen times, not quite that many, but my only thought tonight was that in all the times we have seen him, he has always MC’d. I personally would love to see him doing a full set. Always good to see, always entertaining, and a good bloke.

Opener Karen Bayley was new to us, we knew she ran her own club as I had seen Milo McCabe post about it recently. She did a really good set, with lots of emphasis on the cougar side to her. A lot like our friends Pam Ford and Cerys Nelmes. She was excellent without quite the distinctiveness of the aforementioned duo. Pam being very provocative with the male members of the audience, and Cerys with her very distinctive West Country accent. Still, we think she will be one to follow and will eagerly await seeing her again.

Louis Burgess – what can we say? We know him really well seeing him at countless gigs he promotes. And we have seen him perform many times, but this was the first for quite a few months and the improvement is staggering. Lots of new material (for us) an the timing is just superb, better and better everytime. And the audience loved him. We confidently predict great things – now don’t let us down fella!

Headliner Pierre Hollins was not new to us, we had seen him twice before but it is over a year since our last encounter. As a comedy peer recently told us, ‘he is one of the best’.  And he was the main reason we came out tonight before the long drive to Liverpool first thing in the morning. He tackles a huge range of topics with such intelligence, he is a joy to watch. A real thinking mans comic (though I suspect saying that makes me a pretentious twat). We love him and hope it will not be as long until we see him again.

A tip top night, one of the best we have had at the BBar this year, and even a couple of minor hecklers at the bar could not derail it.

And so to bed, and in the morning the Edinburgh trip begins. Tomorrow night Baby Blue in Liverpool is our comedy stopover. Friday we hit Glasgow and Carole’s sister Joanne who we have persuaded to let me take to dinner in Edinburgh and pick up a couple of bonus shows for our schedule. A rest day Saturday before the real fun begins on Sunday for 15 days with 147 shows scheduled. Then just the matter of one more night in Manchester on the Monday and a trip to the famous Frog and Bucket.

Planning on doing a brief daily digest in Edinburgh, but with the schedule do not think we can manage much more. See you on the other side.



Matt, Karen, Louis, Pierre.



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