11th August – Edinburgh Day 1

We left Glasgow early Sunday morning, then had to turn back half way through the drive to Edinburgh when Carole realised she had left her bag at her sisters. We finally arrived and checked in with Lyn, our landlady for the next few nights before wandering off to start our adventures.

We started our Edinburgh with a visit to New Empire Bingo and ‘The Sunday Assembly’ availing ourselves of a pitcher of bucks fizz to celebrate our arrival. The Sunday Assembly was the brainchild of Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, and was a way for people to celebrate life, without religion. So we sang along to pop songs listened to poetry from Dan Simpson and an address by Marcus Brigstocke. A fun and uplifting hour.

Next a few yards trip to the Amused Moose Laugh Off Final at the Symposium Hall. Six new acts competing for a prestigious new act prize. We were delighted to find this was hosted by Chris Martin and had a special guest act in one of our favourites Lloyd Langford. It was a very good competition and we were pleased to see we both voted the winner as our own personal choice. Pierre Novellie prevailed over Angus Dunican, Sean Cannon, Alistair Williams, Alex Smith and Steve Bugeja.

Next we wondered over to the Gilded Balloon for 3 consecutive shows in the same room. Chris Fitchew was first up providing high energy character comedy. A hugely enjoyable show, and for Carole’s amusement I got dragged up on stage to do a bit of dancing.

Next up Milo McCabe. We had loved his show last year and this one was even better with a melding together of superb characters linked with video content. Pure class.

Then came Mick Ferry, a veteran stand up. A natural story teller, but we didn’t feel any real affinity with his tales.

Then a trip to the caves for ‘The Colour Ham’ a high octane show, combining comedy and magic to superb effect.

We stayed at the caves for the Big Value Late Show, an hour showcasing 4 comics. Three of whom it turned out we had seen in the South West this year – Chris Mayo, Lloyd Griffiths and Paul Myerhaug were joined by musical comedienne Kate Lucas who was new to us.

Then over to Underbelly for Edinburgh Comedy Allstars another compilation show, but of a much higher standard than most. Justin Moorhouse MC’d, Zoe Lyons, Dane Rathbone, Michael Che and the Pajama Men. Not the quality of lineup we would ever get in Plymouth or nearby.

Next up our first trip to Bob’s Bookshop for Midnight Madness. Not really a show tonight but a book launch of Phil Kay’s autobiography as well as of an insiders guide to Edinburgh. Still a great chance to meet lots of famous faces, hear some great stories and have a few beers and chill out at the end of a really great first day.

But we bowed out of this party and rushed down to the Three Sisters for another compilation show – Big Spoon, Little Spoon. This show took place on top of a converted double decker bus that we were to visit a few more times this Edinburgh. Featuring Ed Hedges, Ryan The Bisexual Lion, Herschel & Victorian Slave Girl, Sya De’ath and Archie Mellix, this was a disappointing and largely shambolic to end the night. With very few laughs to be had.

Show count – 10
Running total – 12

Acts Seen – 31
Running Total – 33

Show of the day – Milo McCabe – Schiz. After last years show which we went to on a punt and walked away enjoying as much as anything we saw, we were hugely expectant of this follow up. And it delivered again in spades.


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