12th August – Edinburgh Day 2

Day 2 started with a leisurely stroll to the Counting House for 5 consecutive shows.

We started off with Alexander Bennett accompanied by Jarik Mol providing musical accompaniment to ‘Afraid of the Dark’. Really enjoyed this, especially for so early in the day. Staying in the same room we watched Ellie Taylor’s solo show Ellievision. A gifted and confident performer. Staying again for Valdemar Pustelnik, a Danish alternative comedian, and his ’53 Minutes about 52 sheep’ an entertaining but slightly dark hour. Then into the biggest room in the Counting House for Nat Lurtseema’s solo hour. We knew Nat from the Leaping Salmon as she headlined the final comedy night there before it closed and of course she is one of the members of the sketch troupe Jigsaw, really good hour. Staying in the same room we were in for a treat with Rachel Parris’ solo hour. Quality musical fare, hugely talented, with the ending bringing Carole to tears.

Then a move away from the Counting House to support some friends. First to Opium and Split Shift a two header from the excellent Mabel Slattery and her ex Owen Hughes. Ably compered by Daniel Triscott. We both enjoyed this a lot. Our first view of Owen and his very different take on standup, a powerful performance, standup or acting? Mabel stood out for us.

Then around to the Hive to support one of closest comedian friends, the vastly underrated Matt Price. He was not listed in the program and only came to the Fringe at 10 days notice with a hastily put together tale based around what happened in Turkey earlier this year. This was a powerful tale, which will get even better over time. We hope it will propel him onto big things at last.

Next to our only ticketed show of the day. Bobby Mair. A uniquely laid back act with deliciously dark material, as we had seen over a year ago when he ventured down to Devon. We were sat watching him with Kate Copstick immediately behind us to the left and Jimmy Carr to the right. I had to get an autograph. Jimmy laughed a lot, with that really distinctive and annoying noise he makes. So did we. Great show again.

I had screwed up as I had planned us 5 minutes to get to our next show at the meadow bar, which was not remotely possible so we decided to grab some dinner at the Mosque Kitchen, good food and great value.

We got to the Meadow Bar for our 9th show of the day, Darius Davies, introduced by Alex Perry. Darius is good and he knows it, his three-pin plug routine is fantastic.

We were due to stay for a compilation show but this got cancelled as we were the only audience members. So we rushed back to the Counting House for two more shows. Sanders & Co – mediocre sketch comedy at best, in a horrid sweltering room. And an enjoyable final musical comedy show by Luc Valvona.

Show count – 11
Running total – 23

Acts Seen – 14
Running Total – 47

Show of the day. A tie between Matt Price and Rachel Parris.


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