8th/9th August 2013 – Comedy Central, Liverpool and Fringe Preview

Baby we’re not blue

Danny McLoughlin (MC) – Only Gunman Child, Ste Porter (Opener) – Protester, Peter Brush – Three Burps & John Lemon – Helm on Jon (Middles), Dave Longley (Headliner) – Edgy Novella

This was our overnight stop on the way to the fringe. A very well known club and spoken of fondly by a number of comics we talk to. We had a lovely drive from Cornwall to Liverpool via Tewkesbury, where we spotted a poster for a charity comedy night featuring Andi Oshu, Stephen K Amos, and our pals Pat Monahan & Jon Wagstaffe. We also had a lovely walk around Liverpool and the docks have been renovated in a way not unlike Bristol with the waterfront full of lovely restaurants.

One minor quibble about the night. We had been promised ‘a mystery international comedian’ and we had been told by the venue a few nights prior that it was Aussie Steve Hughes. We only found out halfway through the night that he was replaced by, far from international, Dave Longley. This was only a minor quibble on a night we were to see five acts new to us. Before going on to the comedy it is worth mentioning the package we had taken up. As it was a Thursday we bought a Premier Package BOGOF. So we both got tickets to the comedy as well as a two course meal each for the grand total of £33. This was an amazing deal as the food was absolutely superb. And the service we received in the restaurant, bar, and comedy cavern itself were all extremely helpful and very friendly.

The comedy started with MC Danny McLoughlin. Very dry but brilliant at interacting with the audience. Many of his phrases and mannerisms reminded us of our local favourite Luke Honnoraty.

Opener Ste Porter was exactly what we had expected from Liverpool, a broad Bootle accent delivering some excellent dryly delivered material.

Middle acts opened with Peter Brush, who had an act full of surreal humour which one side of the audience loved and the other seemed to hate. We were firmly in the former camp. He played on this schism in the crowd really well.

The other middle John Lemon got very few laughs, thus living up to his name.

And finally our headliner Dave Longley. Very well crafted material, but he seemed to want to push things as far as possible within the bounds of good taste, so clearly lost some of the audience.

And so ended a good night, not brilliant, we have seen much better club nights at home. But a lovely room, great atmosphere an organisation.

Our plans were to then go to Glasgow for a couple of days and meet family before heading to the fringe proper on Sunday 11th. But we managed to persuade Carole’s sister Joanne and her other half John to come into Edinburgh for a couple of shows on the Friday night. From my perspective this was to show love and support for one of our favourite acts Jonny Awsum, who was doing a short run and leaving before we were due to arrive on the Sunday.

We are glad we made the extra trip in as Jonny absolutely ripped the roof off the Dram House with his feel good frenzied hour. Ably assisted by Russ Gold this was setting the standard for the next fortnight at a very high standard.

Carole and I had a bet on the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh that night that I would meet two people we knew before 8:30. I won with ease when first we met our friend Matt Price and then Tony Law spotted me queueing for Jonny’s show and came and said hi.

After this show we went for a beer at Cabaret Voltaire and while there met the adorable and extremely funny Jess Fostekew. And then while queueing for our other show of the night, Ian Cognito, we met Milo McCabe – who we bumped into continually over the next two weeks. Cogs was as confrontational as ever, but amazing, with a new musical element to his show, he lived up to his reputation as the ‘greatest comedian not to be on TV’. While Carole and I loved this show. Jo and John found it a bit too confrontational for their liking.

This was a night where our appetites were whetted for what was to come on Sunday and the subsequent 14 days.



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