13th August – Edinburgh Day 3

We started day 3 as we were to a few times, with a visit to Whistlebinkies for Free Samples, a compilation hosted by American Toby Muresianu. Toby warmed up and introduced a guy who we cant remember the name of, who was pretty unmemorable to be honest.  Then we had Faye Tracey followed by a big name in Will Franken, which was a cracking bonus for us.

Our next port of call was due to be the Free Sisters for Tim Parfitt. His level of weirdness left us cold and we were among several making an early exit. This was just as well for us as we were then to stumble upon a real treat back on top of the bus for ‘The Lunchtime Ferret’.  Hosted by Paul Wogan, and featuring Paul David Collins, Stuart Turner, Cate Mackenzie and Sofie Hagen. This was feel good comedy at its best, with loads of audience interaction and a whole load of laughs.

Our next show was also full of laughs with Hill & Weedon, performing sketches, musical comedy, poetry, jokes and a whole wealth of other bizarreness. Hugely enjoyable.

Next up, back to Whistlebinkies for Gary Coleman. Really classy standup. A real afternoon delight.

We then stumbled back down the road to The Hive for the surreal madness of Karl Schulz. This was a show that had the audience torn. You could tell most of the audience didn’t get it and did not want to get on board. To be honest, there was not a lot to get. It was maximum silliness. I loved it, and was literally rolling around the floor hooting with laughter.

We stayed at the Hive for the acerbic tongue of David Mills. He was one of our favourites last year and this follow up delivered again. A really classy act who a lot more people should be picking up.

Then to the Pleasance. First up Chris Stokes with a story of his break up. Not new subject matter, but done with amazing style. We saw Chris’ previous show last year and he is still one of our absolute favourite acts.

Then Adam Kay and a Christmas themed show with him trying to get a Christmas number one. Loads of irreverent silly songs, and another fantastic hour.

Then to Mark Smith as recently seen on Russell Howard. A solid hour, but not spectacular. More notable that we sat next to Mark Cooper-Jones from Wittank, who remembered us from Exeter earlier in the year. We were to cross paths with Mark many times over the next fortnight.

There was no doubt why so many big names were in evidence around the Pleasance that night. Everybody was there to see the hottest show of the Fringe. The one off majesty that was ‘The Wrestling’. A show featuring professional wrestlers alongside comedians. It blew Edinburgh apart. The single greatest event of this years Fringe. Max & Ivan, Thom Tuck, Tom Rosenthal, Cariad Lloyd, Brendon Burns, Nick Helm, Andrew Maxwell, Tim Vine, Joe Lycett, Ardal O’Hanlon, Angelos Epithemiou and loads more featured alongside wrestling legends. Carole hates the fact that I watch wrestling on TV, but she screamed so much that she lost her voice. Andrew Maxwell playing the goody commentator was my highlight. So good it was beyond words.

A final trip to the Three Sisters for ‘Shit of the Fringe’. However we found this had been replaced by Ryan the Lion and his show ‘Sex With Animals’ apparently due to popular demand. We sat, along with a few drunks, to listen and watch this show, which was partly multimedia based. It was supposedly telling us about the strange mating behaviours of animals. But was 90% utterly self-indulgent twaddle about himself and his own sex life. The show also incorporated his tech trying to get men on grinder to turn up to the show. This was like the show itself a failure.

Show of the day ‘The Wrestling’

Show count – 11

Running total – 34

Acts Seen – 18 (counting the Wrestling as 1)

Running Total – 65


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