14th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 4

We started at The Three Sisters for Ray Fordyce’s Brunchtime Banter. A compilation show featuring Ray and 6 guests. Jona Xhepa Paul McDaniel, Jenneki Cranstone (think this is spelt wrong), Gareth Mutch, Les Sinclair and Toby Adams (doing no more than a minute to plug his show). The standout was the  young lad Gareth, who was only 19 and appeared to have loads of potential.

Then around the corner to the Dram House for Silky: Nut Allergy. Silky is one of our favourite performers so when we found he was doing this free show as well as a paid one at the Stand we had to be there. We had already met him during a visit to Plymouth, announced after we had already bought tickets for his Stand show. there he showed how good he was and here in an early morning post hangover slot he proved it again. Pure class.

Back to the Three Sisters and Daly’s Comedy Club back on the top deck of the bus. Compere  Jack Barry was very good. The others were ok Chris Betts, Luke McGivern, Daniel Vaughn. But the standout here was Chris Kent very confident and assured as you would expect from someone with a paid show at the Pleasance.

We hung around for our next gig in the Yurt at the Three Sisters with a lovely double header from Km Hope and Larry Dean. Both of whom have graced us with their prescence in the South West several times this year. They delivered once again.

Then to Bobs Bookshop for Bob Slayer’s solo show – Worldwide Bawbag. Now Bob, you know we love you to bits, but this show was more noteworthy from the things that happened around you. With Carole and I winding you up at every opportunity. And the penis puppetry came out again. You are without doubt the greatest and most loveable idiot we know.

Over to the City Café next for two shows. The first being our friend Ben Crellin. His show was challenging, hilarious, so well thought out, but to some people dark. To us, just brilliant. A real highlight of the entire fringe. He has told us he is going back home to New Zealand. To us it is a travesty that someone so brilliant has not been picked up. We were both very sad at this news and it brought a first downer of this fringe to us.

We stayed in the same room for Michael Fabbri, also a wonderful act, as we had seen just a few weeks before in Plymouth. Top notch act.

Then over to the Hive for a character act, Tom Binns as Ivan Backenberry Hospital DJ. Really clever show, another highlight for us.

Next a bit of a walk to The Stand for Scott Agnew more of a traditional stand up. Distinctively Scottish, but not stand out for us.

Finally, The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society at the Stand. This show has prompted numerous discussions between Carole and I. I am a lover of this show and its foibles. Carole hates it. Yianni, being paid £20 to get in a Sesame Street uniform to catch stressballs hurled from the audience was hilarious. And Paul Currie acting the goat also memorable, but lots of it left us divided with me enjoying and Carole not. Funniest moment for me was Carole having to move seats to be able to see, because a fat bastard in front of her (not me), and the said fattie being Phil Jupitus.

Show of the day Ben Crellin – Comic Of Duty

Show count – 10

Running total – 44

Acts Seen – 24

Running Total – 89


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