17th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 7

After Black Friday we were ready for what I had planned to be our super Saturday with 9 paid shows including as it turned out, 3 of the 6 nominees for the prestigious Fosters comedy award.

We started at the Stand for Mike Wozniak ‘Take the Hit’. This was a really interesting one for us as we saw a very early preview of this in Exeter, Mike’s hometown, all the  way back in January. So we were interested in seeing how this slightly surreal show had turned out. It was very similar, nearly anti-comical, but delicious in its nuances. We loved the bit attacking H&M. A worthy nominee for top prize.

We stayed in the same room for Stewart Lee as Baconface. A major industry joke that everyone knew about months in advance. Brilliant. Apart from the actual bacon he draped himself in which absolutely stank, and fell off at regular intervals.

We stayed again for Silky and his new show ‘It was this show or have kids’. We will never tire of his eloquence, intelligence and happiness in his work. A beautiful show again.

Next over to the Pleasance for the force of nature which is Nick Helm, an amazing hour from an amazing man who always gives 100%. No-one sweats more for his fans. We love him. He even left a voicemail for our friend Ems after the show.

Next up, another of our favourites in With Tank, with a lovely show ‘the School’. The OHP was special and it tied together so well.  Absolutely great show again.


Things got even better, if they could, with Max and Ivan ‘The Reunion’. They are our absolute favourite act. Last year they were our highlight and this year with this show they have cemented themselves firmly at the top of the comedy ladder. The show was a mystical hour and I almost cried at the wonder of it. If you haven’t checked them out  yet, you are missing out.

Johnny and the Baptists next with some musical delights on offer. Another hugely enjoyable show.

Then AAA Stand up Late a compilation with Laura Lexx, Nick Dixon and Stuart Mitchell. Our only disappointment of the day, but Laura was fantastic.

Our final show of the night was the Late Show with a stellar line-up. Dan Nightingale MC, Carey Marx, Tim Vine (Mr Marmite I call him – I love him, Carole hates him – it was a special bonus for me to see him live as Carole would not go with me if I wanted to see him!), Al Lubel (flavour of the month and subject to much debate between Carole and I) last up Stephen K Amos with a sublime performance that rounded off our greatest comedy day ever.

Show count – 9

Running total – 68

Acts Seen – 15

Running Total – 139



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