18th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 8

This was to be a day at the Stand with one visit away for the Amused Moose Comedy Awards.

First up Bridget Christie ‘A Bic for Her’, a week later this was to win the prestigious Fosters Comedy Award. We both felt her previous show ‘War Donkey’ was much better. It was a good show, but of the four nominees we saw, it was our least favourite by far. Just as well we are not judges as our choices were to differ wildly from the critics again later in the afternoon.

Second up, Tony Law – Nonsense Overdrive. We are massive Tony Law fans and had already seen him 3 times this year. This new offering delivered yet again. And we were to get a bonus treat of seeing him again later in the afternoon.

Next up the Amused Moose Comedy Awards final. Acts had to submit their shows to the critics prior to the Fringe and the shortlist were watched and a final shortlist of ten performed ten minutes here. We, as the audience, got to vote for the winner, which was then ratified by the critics. The winner then getting £5K. However, there was a clear audience winner in Danny Ward, but the critics wanted Al Lubel so there was a split prize. Though they initially announced the overall winner as Al Lubel – to silence and no applause whatsoever from the crowd. But later this was called a joint win. We both had Danny in first and Al Lubel in last place. We saw Al 4 times over the fringe doing the same bit. So we would have liked to have seen his full show to see what the hype was about as his 10 minute slot always left us, and the audiences we saw him in cold.  Their were some excellent other acts here, Luke Toulson, Martin Mor, George Ryegold, Jonny & The Baptists, John-Luke Roberts, Mae Martin, Nathaniel Metcalfe. We were treated to last years winner Marcel Lucont hosting the awards plus a guest appearance from 2011 winner Tony Law.

Back to the stand for the legendary Alexei Sayle. I grew up with Alexei and his political commentary, and while it was great to see him live, he has mellowed so much this was nothing more than anecdotes of his past. Still great to see him.

Next the surreal mastery of Seymour Mace, this was fantastic fun, absolutely bonkers but had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout.

Next, the full show my Martin Mor, who we had caught at the awards earlier. What a lovely, engaging friendly man he is. A new favourite. A great and uplifting show.

Then Brendon Burns. I cannot say too much about this show as the audiences were sworn to secrecy. It was a masterpiece. Carole’s show of the entire Fringe and in my top three. Very unique indeed.

Finally to end another fantastic day we had Will Hodgson and his homage to comic books and horror. A small crowd were given a treat. Not sure the ending worked but we love Wil’s enthusiasm for his subjects. And his previous show and DVD are also great.

Show count – 8

Running total – 76

Acts Seen – 19

Running Total – 158


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