19th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 9

Black Friday was to have a significant effect on this day. With Jigsaw and Birthday Girls rescheduled in thanks to the Pleasance kindness. We unfortunately had to discard Twins and Christian Reilly, both of which we heard were good shows.

We started off with CID (Comedy island Discs) with Abi Roberts and her guest Viv Groksop. An enjoyable hour and two interesting ladies.

Next to the Dram House firstly for Alex and Alexis Should Not Be Friends. A not too brilliant double header with two young comics. Followed by our friend, American comic Toby Muresianu – Toby Explains the Universe.  Toby is a great comic. Softly spoken but with some lovely material.

Then back to the Pleasance for Jigsaw. We have to say we were hugely disappointed with this show. We saw so much great sketch comedy that this was mediocre by comparison.

We enjoyed the next sketch troupe ‘The Birthday Girls’ much more. We had seen a one star review of their show. But it was great fun and enjoyable with an arc holding the sketches together. We will look forward to seeing them again.

Back to the Dram House for Paul F Taylor to find I had screwed up and he was not doing his show on Monday’s. So instead we saw ‘The Unnatural Selection’ a strange compilation show featuring Will McBurnie, Mike O’Callaghan, Leon Clifford and Hannah Silvester. Not bad, but not good either.

Then to the BBC for Radio 4 Extra Stand Up show. I had got free tickets to this in the BBC draw online. We were treated to a great line-up hosted by Jo Caulfield. Alaistair Barrie, Carl Donnelly, Gary Delaney, Ivo Graham, Keir McAllister, Paul Foot and Hal Cruttenden. Nice.

Finally to Espionage for Midnight Madness and madness it was. Aaron Twitchen was MC and there was a very annoying loud crowd especially at the back of the room. The most irritating being two girls at the back of the room who would not shut the fuck up. So Aaron dragged them to sit at the front, where they proceded to take over the whole show. Freddie Farrell came on and managed two jokes in 12 minutes among the interruptions from these hags. It was a relief when security finally came and escorted them out of the building. Masai graham then got to do a solid set and the lovely Harriet Dyer got to do a largely uninterrupted set. A real shame that for the second year running this show got ruined by drunks.

Show count – 8 (should have been 10 – thanks again Hostelbookers NOT)

Running total – 84

Acts Seen – 23

Running Total – 181


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