20th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 10

Day 10 started with a real whimper. Our planned Espionage show had finished a week earlier. Damn these short runs. So we went to the replacement show ‘Our Father’ a really tedious offering from two girls Kirsty Marsh & Blod Jones. We were both united in voting this our worst show of the entire fringe.

Next a compilation show Revill’s Selection. With Paul Revill himself having the day off and being replaced by Christian Elderfield who introduced us to Russ Powell (very good) Freddie Farrell (Much better when he was allowed to do some material!), Michael Mooney and Nic Coppin (again!).

Next up a recommended show Rob Collins – a true tale of his mental illness and ending up being committed and how he turned things around. Hilarious and educational.

Next a comedy play ‘Wardens’ written by people we love and starring several people we love. Unfortunately this was a tedious hour with very few laughs. Carole actually slept through it.

Back to Espionage for Pam Ford –  Happy in Your Skin, a lovely hour far from her cougar act. Very uplifting and enjoyed by everyone there.

Then a long trip over to La Tasca – a bloody horrible venue, for our friends Cerys Nelmes and Tash Bartlett – The Girls Your Mother Warned You About. A double header. Cerys knows we love her. Venue was very subdued with a small audience which was a shame.

We planned on staying for ‘Standing up For Something’ with Pierre Novellie who we had helped to vote Amused Moose best Newcomer, along with Jonny Lennard. They cancelled the show as there were only 3 of us there, so we did not get to see what these young talents could do.

We walked over to the Gilded Balloon for our next show with a gap, but timed it just right to catch ‘The Half Naked Chef’ in Bob’s Bookshop. What a legendary show this was. I ended up having to eat a pile of gunk and getting my cock out. Another comic was going to this show every night.

Then to the Best New Sketch Act Final, hosted by Mark Dolan, who picked on us relentlessly. The six contenders were Mixed Doubles, Geraldine Coyne, Ladies Live Longer, Stapleface, Reven and Fennell and The Real McGuffins. They each got to do 5 minutes. Then they all got to do another. We expected Mixed Doubles to win, so were surprised to find out later that Stapleface had won. This show overran by over half an hour as the judges deliberated for seemingly aeons and we had to decamp before the announcement for our final show of the day Comedy Countdown. This was my moment of glory of the Fringe as I was the only person of the 150+ audience and contestants who could get close to the two numbers games. I smugly shouted my solutions in front of people who knew me (Pete Dobbin and Mark Cooper Jones) I also got SKELETON in a letters game for additional smugness. Great fun to end the evening. Bec Hill was one of the contestants and was rubbish. It was a bit like ‘8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ where of the contestants they have had only Jon Richardson can actually play the game. Marcel Lucont also featured in dictionary corner.

Show count – 9

Running total – 93

Acts Seen – 21

Running Total – 202


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