22nd August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 12

Day 12 started again at Whistlebinkies. Today Toby Muresianu had the best line-up we saw at this show with the excellent Kate Smurthwaite, Marlon Davis and the lovely chap that is Brian Higgins. Beautiful start to a day.

We stayed in the same room for the Fat Penguin Comedy Club. Hosted by Jay Handley, he served up a nice lineup of Sam Avery, Stan Skinny, Graham Whistler and Masai Graham.

Around the corner to Cabaret Voltaire for Naz, Mark and Keiran the stand-up show from the three members of WitTank, except it transpired that Naz had not been doing any of them so we had his place taken by American comic Alex Edelman. A really enjoyable hour and in Keiran and Mark, two of the nicest people we know in comedy.

Down the road to Bannermans for the veteran Paul B Edwards. A real class act, who put on another masterclass of music and stand-up.

To the White Horse for some food. It made a change having time to eat. Then one of our most enjoyable shows of the entire Fringe. Danny Ward – Pressure Point. Proving why he won the Amused moose award the preceding Sunday. It was a beautiful hour, and we hope it propels him to stardom.

Then we had Tim Renkow, a hilarious young man who we had met in Plymouth earlier this year. He attacks his disability with fervour and is one of the funniest people we know. Brilliant hour from a naturally hilarious fella.

We stayed at Bob’s Bookshop for the embarrassment that was the ‘Jimmy Saville Punch and Judy Show’. This had the worst reviews of anything at the fringe and it was as bad as they said. there were lots of laughs from the audience but it was at how bad it was rather that at any material. The two lads turned up drunk and barely able to stand and it got so bad that one of them walked out halfway through and bought me a beer to compensate for having to sit through this crock of shit. It served us and all the other audiences they got, though, for turning up to something so obviously designed just to shock. To be fair this was in a minority of bad shows at the Bookshop which otherwise had some amazing an innovative acts. One of which came up next…

Tommy Holdgate – Good Spirits. A really uplifting hour from an inspirational young man, who we met many times over the fringe and fell in love with. If you did not see this, it was your loss.

Then we went to ‘London is Funny’ a compilation show at Ciao Romana. We had seen some stellar line-ups advertised, We did not get one of them. It was good but not brilliant with turns from Tom Webb MC, Hjalmar Tjan, Samantha Mann and Chris Betts.

Next up Garrett Millerick, who we have seen many times in the South West this year and who has always delivered.  He is very ranty, possibly to his detriment. But to us he has never delivered any piece of material that has not been top notch. And this show was brilliant again. Unfortunately it was a very small crowd of five which included. One of his friends. It descended into farce two-thirds of the way through when there was a toilet break for three of the audience, even the tech guy wanted to get in on this action. Come back stronger Garrett, we think you are quality.

The night ended with a stellar line-up at The Midnight Show at the Caves. MC Darrell Martin introduced Phil Nicol, Chris Turner, Mixed Doubles, Glenn Wool and Ed Byrne. This was the only show we went to that had intervals this year, and two of them made it drag a bit. We had to leave just before the end of Ed Byrne so as not to miss our night bus. Damn you again Hostelbookers.com

A day with many more ups than downs.

Show count – 11

Running total – 115

Acts Seen – 28

Running Total – 256


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