23rd August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 13

Onto the home stretch now and just as well as we were beginning to struggle to get up and keep going. No doubt the extra hour and a half nights sleep we would have got if not for Hostelbookers.com was a major contributory factor. Still we were determined to get through the next three days.

We started this day with a trip to The meadow bar for In Cahoots, two very confident and already accomplished performers. Of all the young sketch groups we saw, we found these guys the funniest and thought they had most potential.

We just made it to the Gilded Balloon for Ben Champion and his brand of musical comedy. Very enjoyable hour, But only four of in the audience which was a shame.

Then upstairs for Flip Webster and Maggie Bourgein and ‘Women of an Uncertain Age’. While we are both over fifty we found this combination of sketches and monologues somewhat tedious. I cannot see this show getting them anywhere.

Back to the Bookshop for the afternoon chat show. A very interesting affair this time with Fosters Winner Adrienne Truscott and Janey Godley. Some dark subject matter here but handled brilliantly and a real delight to be there.

Katie Goodman next with her brand of musical comedy. This was OK but didn’t grab up. A bit tedious compared to some of the excellent musical comedy we have seen.

Diane Spencer up next with a masterclass in stand up. Funny from start to finish, she is one of our absolute favourite acts. She got great reviews for this show, so we hope this propels her to where she should be, at the top of the comedy ladder.

Carly Small next, and some great audience joining in, made this a thoroughly enjoyable hour. Much better that Katie Goodman for sure!

Then our pal Pat Monahan for his solo show. Another masterclass, a joy from start to finish. Which true to form overran by ten minutes, which is quite good for him!

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre was a hilarious penultimate hour. We had seen a preview of this in Exeter several months ago and it turned out great. Hilarious fun.

Finally more music from Cornish comedy rappers Hedluv and Passman. Possibly as energetic an hour as Nick Helm, we ended up sweating from the audience interaction. We shall be seeing them again dreckly. brilliant end to a fantastic day.

Show count – 10

Running total – 125

Acts Seen – 13

Running Total – 269


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