25th August 2013 – Edinburgh Day 15 – The last hurrah

Whistlebinkies for the last time. To be honest it was a bit of a waste of time, as only Alejandro the magician and Murray Porter turned to join Toby. Murray did a really good stint but Alejandro the magician is awful. Cheers Toby, for the good times and putting up with us so often.

Then to the Voodoo Rooms for StapleFace winners of the Best New Sketch Act. The show was a bit thrown off by one of the speakers in the venue having been blown by the Lipsinkers the night before. But while this was a good sketch show, it wasn’t really up there with others we saw. Still they are very young and have loads of time to develop.

Carole then departed for the afternoon to have tea with fellow MCP’ers (Mad Chicken People), fellow rescue chicken owners who had been instrumental in saving our fringe by sorting out accommodation when we thought we would have to go home.

I went to see 3 final shows at the Gilded Balloon. Thunderbards – tedious and almost sent me to sleep. Laura Levites – with a super tale of depression and its effects. Finally Bec Hill, with essentially the same show we had seen last year.

Then over to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for Yianni and his Big Show. We will leave this to others – but we were glad to be among the 350 there. http://www.chortle.co.uk/shows/edinburgh_fringe_2013/y/21641/yianni_in_think_big_(the_big_one)?review=3594

Next up Paul Foot, which was a moment when we were torn again. I love this surreal humour, Carole hates him.

Our penultimate show was We are Goose and  ‘Will You Hold My Hand’ a fascinating historical musical comedy based on the true life pioneer surgeon John Hunter. This was one of our stand out shows. We were left wanting to visit the real life Hunter Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Our final proper show was David Trent with a follow up to his pioneering show last year. We had seen a preview at Machynlleth in May and it was good to see that it was even slicker than before. great show again. However, our major gripe here was that it started VERY late, apparently due to technical issues. But therefore also overrunning badly meaning we did not have time to get to what was planned to be our final show, Mitch Benn and The Distraction Club at the Voodoo Rooms.

Instead we went to Midnight Madness at Bobs Bookshop, where we chilled out with a few beers, got to tell some stories and had a relaxing end to a brilliant fringe. Only tarnished by the scum of hostelbookers.com

Roll on next year.

Show count – 10

Running total – 146

Acts Seen – 12

Running Total – 310


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