26th August – Manchester Frog and Bucket – Beat The Frog

We had a lie-in until 9am after all the action of the previous couple of weeks before heading off to Manchester via Gretna Green for lunch. We were going to visit the iconic comedy club, The Frog and Bucket for what is billed as the cruellest amateur night around. It was a mere £3 entry and for a bank holiday it was relative busy, certainly compared to most Edinburgh rooms, but far from full. We were to get an MC, who in a strange twist of deja vu turned out to be Danny McLoughlin who we had seen fulfil the same role at Liverpool’s Comedy Central on the first day of our road trip. We also got short sets from Chris Purchase and Simon Ramsden.

Then ten acts would try and last 5 minutes without three card holders in the audience voting them off. I got to be one of the card holders which excited me enormously.

The opener Mike Edge got to seconds before the time limit and ran out of material. Before I could put the card up he was through. Katy Trulove also survived. Edmund Colley did not, he gave up and walked off before he could be voted off, my card in the air scaring him I think. Nigel needham put in an assured 5 minutes of surreal nonsense and was our favourite. Then Darren Brown who reminded us of Al Lubel in his constant repitition of his name, another failure.

A break then an assured 5 minutes from Damien Ryan who was more club comic than anything else we saw tonight. Confidently through. Adam Warrenger and Aidan Walsh got voted off quite quickly. Adam suffering from nerves and speaking for too quickly for anyone to understand him.  Gaye Jones made the 5 minutes confidently. And Finally Rob Lane came and went quickly doing a lame James Bond act.

So five through and five failures. Next up those who lasted the five minutes were brought back for the crowd to cheer for their favourite. Mike Edge had already buggered off knowing he only just made it.

The cheers were very close between Nigel and Damien. And so the two ladies were eliminated. A final cheer off saw Nigel winning the title.

A very fun night in a great club and at a real bargain price. I can imagine during University term time this gets really busy.

And so our holiday was finally over 😦


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