29th August 2013 – Exmouth River Cafe

Line-up MC – Frank Honeybone (Yank boner of hen), 1st act –  Dan Mitchell (Mental Child)

2nd act – Jon Wagstaffe (Snot Jaw Gaffe), headliner –  Pat Monahan (A Phantom? N/A)

We had enjoyed this venue tremendously on our last  visit just before heading off to Edinburgh… and were looking forward  to another chillout evening. It definitely is all about the weather  on the River Exe Cafe, because as it’s located quite literally in the  middle of the river and if it was raining or blowing hard, it could  be quite a different experience.

No matter, on the 29th it was once again a beautiful  evening…and the slight breeze that was blowing as our water taxi took  us out into the Exe estuary died down with the full tide and later the  sun went down in a blaze of red and gold reflecting on the river, and  cameras were much in evidence getting it all recorded.

Enough of the scenery, let’s get to the acts.

Our MC for the night was a new face to us, Frank Honeybone.  With a lovely waxed ‘tache and musical Welsh accent Frank was well up  for his role…putting the punters at ease and getting the laughs started.  No stranger to the odd cock joke and taking the mickey out of several  of the audience, he caused no offence even when setting two boat owners  against each other regarding the length of their craft!  Other  jibes included getting the audience to guess whether a couple of the  female guests were “pony girls” or not. He certainly warmed  up the crowd.

Our opener for the night was known to us, Dan Mitchell.  Also Welsh, Dan’s act varies between surreal and classic stand-up. The  last time we saw him I at least was undecided about Dan but this time  he really swayed me and I was laughing as hard as anyone at his seagull  impersonations and a Hansel and Gretel fingering joke. I think you had  to be there!

A break, a few minutes more of Mr Honeybone’s banter  and then onto a comic we both like a lot having seen him several times  before, although not recently. We WERE supposed to see him in Edinburgh  as part of a two parter (where two acts share an Edinburgh hour) but  in the end we didn’t as we had already seen the other half of the act and couldn’t face him again so we were looking forward to see if there had  been any major changes in material.

Waggy has shock comedy off to a T and it works every  time we see him. I can’t divulge anymore as it would give away his act  – but then he goes on to talk about his wife and his four month  old son, stag parties and queries that great quandary of life – “How  do you wash a sieve??”  All of this while clad in a Cliff Richard  t-shirt. Irony or just a big fan?? We didn’t ask.

Another break, a few more lines from the magnificent  waxed ‘tache and then onto the Cakecharmer himself, Mr Pat Monahan.   What is there for me to say about Pat that hasn’t been said before?  He takes ages to get to the stage because of hugs and dancing to his  Bollywood soundtrack themesong.

There is always one punter who gets hauled onto the  stage to finish off the dancing with him much to the crowd’s delight.  Sometimes Pat gets to his material, lots of times he doesn’t (or just  the odd line) because he is bantering so much with the audience. They  love it that he can remember names and roles and just brings it back  to them time and again.

The comics had all gone on a short speedboat ride  during the first break with a young chap called Josh who had drove them  around in a few “doughnuts” (tight circles in the water) and  this was alluded to again and again to roars of approval. Someone’s  waterproof jacket was the subject of much hilarity and somehow the film Deliverance got mixed in there as well along with relevant banjo sounds.  It’s all manic but it’s all fabulous.

An idyllic boat ride back to the harbour and home…wondering  just how much longer Mr Monahan would have done if not for the 10.30pm curfew on the boat. Would he have got to his material?? Your guess is  as good as ours!


HPIM1953     HPIM1958    HPIM1962  HPIM1964  HPIM1966   HPIM1969       HPIM1976



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