11th September 2013 – Bigmouth Comedy, Seven Stars, Totnes

Acts: MC – Chris Brooker, Opener – Jay Hampson,  Middle Act – Luke Honnoraty, Headliner – Silky

Anagrams: Chris Brooker – Horsier Brock / Jay Hampson – Noh Pyjamas /  Luke Honnoraty – The Runny Koala / Silky – Ilks? Y?

Another busy night upstairs at the lovely Seven Stars  and we settled down on the end of the second row to enjoy ourselves.  Chris Brooker is a talented MC and always gets the crowd warmed up beautifully  – tonight being no exception. It’s all about the banter and Chris  soon had everyone laughing at exchanges with “Storm” and Pam  the Chandelier Lady plus her electrician husband Spencer. Chris controls  the crowd – there’s no messing – gees them up, and on  we go to our opener Jay Hampson.

Jay, hailing from Chorlton (“the Totnes of the North  West, all hippies and sandals and organic veg”) promptly started poking  gentle fun at the veggie/vegan lifestyle and for a minute I wasn’t sure  if he was going to get away with it, as Totnes is well known for being  a Transition Town with many inhabitants of said ilk, but he has such  a cheeky manner no-one could be upset.  Brought up in one environment  and now living in another Jay has an internal battle every time he goes  to M & S! We had Jay’s views on the sex lives of pandas, some singing,  and a very physical last few minutes that had everyone in fits of slightly  shocked laughter. He quizzically looked at the audience after each joke  and if he thought it had gone down well, we would get a smile, and a  “Good!”. We liked Jay a lot, he has an easy style and the audience  loved him.

Into a break and then Chris up once again to introduce  Luke Honnoraty. We have seen Luke several times but not in the last  five months and the difference in comedic growth compared to our last  viewing is eye-opening. Luke has grown in confidence and delivery. Parts  of his act have changed, new stuff has come in and he relates some great  stories of his “stitching up” various work colleagues, stoned friends and even his poor wife has had pranks played on her. What will  Luke do next?? (There’s a book title for your Biography Mr Honnoraty!)

Another break, some more magic from the Ginger Viking  and then onto our headliner, Silky. We last saw Silky in Edinburgh (twice!),  and also bumped into him innumerable times around the city streets as  he (and we) were rushing between gigs. Silky is a class act; he makes  fun of his own appearance (smooth of head with round specs) tells a great story, a new one for us tonight about surfing , does a great drunk imitation, finds  a completely different use for his guitar stand and constructs an improvised  song around the audience members that is just inspired. He’s a clever man and each time we’ve seen him he brings out something new from his  comedy catalogue that we haven’t heard before. Come back soon Silky!

In our opinion this is a stand out comedy night and we’ll be back.




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