4th September 2013 – Andrew Lawrence – Watermark, Ivybridge

This was the second time we’d seen Andrew live (in August 2012 we saw him at the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh and thoroughly enjoyed him) and our first time at this venue, The Watermark, a fairly modern building in the centre of Ivybridge. The space is upstairs and holds 210 seats, probably slightly less than half of which were being used for Andrew’s gig.

The night was to be presented as two forty-five minute sections and as there was no support act we went straight into the gig.  Andrew came on looking very casual in jeans and cardigan and spent most of the night leaning on the mic stand so relaxed as to be practically horizontal.

As is quite often the case where there is no support the first part we thought would be more audience interaction with Andrew saving the bulk of his material for the second half but it didn’t seem to work out that way with just as much banter going on after the break as before it.

One of my pet hates is when audience members can’t plan their loo breaks and just HAVE to go mid act…however pregnant ladies do struggle with this so when one poor mum-to-be had to “go”  Andrew didn’t give her too much grief…not so the bloke who also had to leave for a pee, who ran “a parrot food business” and who drove a BMW and took some ribbing in either side of Andrew’s act.

Andrew spent a fair bit of time telling us how he wasn’t a very social person and didn’t like to speak to people. He comes across as a definite pessimist but luckily puts his views on life and death in such a droll way we can only laugh. Personally I would have liked a bit of upbeat material as well as all the doom and gloom but Andrew seemed to get plenty of chortles with what he had and to be fair it was all enjoyable if not knicker wetting stuff.

The venue is trying to encourage more comedians and has some nice acts already lined up so it would be nice to see bigger audiences as this always helps with the ambience. Nice venue, very friendly and helpful manager. We look forward to our next visit.




(Dave: Anagram: Andrew Lawrence – New Ward Cleaner)


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