6th September – Plymouth Ski Lodge

(Dave: Anagrams for the night: Frank Honeybone – Eh OK Fanny Boner, Mickey Sharma – Yashmak Crime, Jim Kelly – KY Jell ‘im, Jon Wagstaffe – Fagot Jews Fan, Jay Handley – Je Handy Lay)

September’s comedy night had a much smaller audience than their packed out crowd in July…no real reason why; July’s had been a very good night – possibly just post summer holiday cash shortage? Kids back at school? Two days after another Plymouth comedy night? Hard to tell. The Ski Lodge is a big room to fill with the comedians in the corner of an L shaped space with a great view of Plymouth all spread out behind and below them.

We spotted the comedians in their “green corner table” just after arriving and were pleased to see, that Jay Handley, last seen in Edinburgh just a couple of weeks ago doing a small morning stint at his Fat Penguin Comedy Club at Whistlebinkies had also been added to the line-up of Frank Honeybone, Jon Wagstaffe,  Jim Kelly and Mickey Sharma.

Frank the ‘tache was MCing and immediately got into the swing of things, with amongst other material, reprising his pony girl comments based on female audience members’ names and asking the audience to guess whether they had ponies or not. I think the audience won! He is a funny guy, and he does what it says on the MC tin; gets the audience warmed up and ready for their opener.

Jon Wagstaffe (Waggy) was in stomping good form once more and even though we know he’ll go for the “shock factor”  and we are expecting it; it still sends us a foot off our seats every time! Once more his poor wife was in for some mickey-taking and son Bruce came in for some proud dad material. Waggy asks the audience for some famous Bruces and is rewarded with Bruce Springstein,   Bruce Willis and Brucie (Strictly). Waggy’s material on stag nights is classic stuff and raised big laughs once again.

A brief break and then we had our two middle section comedians, Jay and Jim.

Jay’s material for this evening set was a great deal riskier than his morning one at Whistlebinkies.  Jokes on his physical similarity to a certain Faith Healer from the bible, and other material on fisting for example! Certainly stuff that might have been a bit strong for an 12:15pm audience in Edinburgh but much appreciated at a much later time of day by the Plymouth punters.

Next up was Jim, with six inch beard and a very “much loved” guitar..and some angry short musical pieces mixed with some good observations and bemoaning his lack of a girlfriend because of how he looked…a very funny guy and I wanted to hear more! Can we have a longer set next time Jim and more ranty lyrics!

Another break and then onto our headliner Mickey Sharma. Mickey gave us some history on his arrival in the UK and the language shock (he landed in Birmingham!). With beatboxing to nursery rhymes (excellent!) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will just never seem the same again! He is a bouncy upbeat guy and certainly knows how to lift the energy in the room and finish on a high.

This level of comedians certainly deserves more of an audience than they got on the night and we are hoping for a better crowd next month! Come on Plymouth where were you??



Left to right: Jay, John, Jim, Mickey and Frank.


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