Catch up post

This is a brief catch up post of a few gigs we have been to since the last proper blog.

As many friends know, I am having quite a bit of trouble at work at the moment, so thought it was best not to post anything purporting to be a serious review of any gigs as I do not want my current mindset to potentially affect performers who we appreciate for their efforts on our behalf.

So just a few lines to say who we have seen since our last blog on the 11th September.

Sunday 15th September, saw us going to the Maritime Inn for Plymouth Comedy Avengers open mic night.

Jason Manly compered well. Of the other nine acts several were well know to us and did what they normally do, well mostly. Stand outs for us were Ted Shiress, Sam Lloyd and Daniel Triscott. A very good night, especially value for money wise with it being free.

The full line up with anagrams was…

Jason Manly (Slam Nan Joy), David Arnold (DD Nora Vidal), Daniel Triscott (Enlist Dictator), Tom Latimer (Mortal Item), Richard James (Hard Jism Care), Ems Coombes (Become Moss), Sam Lloyd (Mods Ally), Ted Shiress (Shite Dress), Charlie Webster (Be A Hitler Screw), Bobby Honeybun (Benny Yobbo Hub)

Thursday 19th September saw us going to Annabels. The MC was Mark Niel, a performance poet. A very pleasant change from the norm, and his stuff was different and very engaging. His poetry CD is very funny indeed. Opener was new to us Jo Romero, and was very solid indeed. Headliner was Jeff Leach, very familiar to us. I have talked about him at length before so wont recap that here. Sometimes he can be a bit too confrontational and the audience do not get on board. Tonight he had a walkout during his exploration of the C word. We always enjoy watching him and did again tonight.


Jeff Leach (Ja! Elf Chef), Mark Niel (Man Liker), Jo Romero (O’ Romeo Jr)

2nd October saw us back at Plymouth B-Bar. MC Matthew Baylis was fantastic, not a whole lot new but it works. Opener Garrett Millerick is our favourite ranty comic. We saw him at Edinburgh and his full show was brilliant. He should be headlining gigs like this and we hope he will be soon. Middle act Fitz was new to us, nothing ground breaking, but plenty of promise and we look forward to seeing him develop. He would have learnt a lot tonight from the stream of heckles he got from a few dicks in the audience. We turned up again expecting a published headliner, only to find yet again Mirth Control had changed. For once this was good for us, as we got a very good replacement in Ro Campbell, a seasoned Aussie act based in Scotland, and former Scottish Comedian of the Year, who was great. Which reminds us that very recently this title went to our friend and lovely all round comic and chap Larry Dean, and we are chuffed he won. Another cracking night at the B-Bar though it would be nice to turn up to the occasional Mirth gig to find we had the published acts.

Anagrams: Matthew Baylis (Estimably Thaw), Garrett Millerick (Meagre Trill Trick), Fitz (Zit F), Ro Campbell (PC Omar Bell)


Ro Campbell with Carole.

Friday 4th September – Plymouth Ski Lodge.

A cracking line-up for us, with four new acts to us of the six on offer. This was one of those nights where I wish they did not always seat us at the front, with MC Lewis Bryan immediately probing me on the touchy subject of work. Putting me in a state of unease immediately. He was a good MC and kept the night on track with solid audience interaction and some good material. Rob Hughes was opener and this Welshman did a good job, and kept everyone happy. The Middle acts were Steven Skilling, a Scot with some gross material almost identical to a point to a routine that previously had us hating another comic. Laura McClennaghan came next and did well. Finally Chris Ashton, the first of tonights acts we had seen before. He has a lot of very well crafted one-liners and went down really well, just as he had in February at our still sadly missed Leaping Salmon gig. Finally, our headliner, laid back Aussie Benny Boot. We had only seen him a couple of months previous and then he was good but not brilliant. Tonight, he was outstanding, with the audience in his palm all the way. The addition of a guitar for a lot of material worked superbly. Magnificent end to a fantastic night.


From left to right: Benny Boot (Be Not Bony),  Laura McClenaghan (Archangel Can Maul), Lewis Bryan (Briny Wales), teven Skilling (Eventing Skills), Rob Hughes (He Hugs Bro). At the bar Chris Ashton (Shits On Arch)

Finally for this catch up – another trip to Calstock Arts Centre for Henning Wehn – Henning Knows Bestest. This is a superb venue in a converted Methodist Church which attracts some top notch acts. (Upcoming: Mark Thomas, Lucy Porter, Jo Caulfield and Andrew Lawrence – check it out). Our only minor criticism is the beer prices which we have only seen matched at festivals and at Edinburgh in August.

Henning was fantastic again doing two stints of nearly an hour each. You know largely what you are going to get, but he has great views on things including Scottish Devolution, The Olympics and the Royals. A great social commentator of our times 🙂

Henning also has one of those names that is almost impossible to make an anagram from (Eg Hen in NW NH) being my lame attempt.

Super night and always interesting to chat to afterwards, and always happy to.



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