19th October 2013 – Plymouth Comedy Club

Chris Brooker (MC), Craig Murray (Opener), Katie Mulgrew (Middle), Sol Bernstein (Close)

Another full house for the second night of the Plymouth Comedy Club’s tri-monthly shows. Having read the glowing comments from the attendees of the previous night, we were in a mood of high expectation. Not that we wouldn’t have been already, as this night has always blown away the other comedy nights in Plymouth, for the sheer class of the performers that Chris Brooker always books for these nights.

We sat a couple of rows back behind an entire row of ladies, who were certainly out for a good night. This had us slightly worried as we had been to a few nights this year at other Plymouth venues where the nights had been spoiled by over enthusiastic portions of the crowd or downright rude ones who stopped the artists performing. No worries tonight, this bunch of ladies were great and interacted regularly when invited to and helped contribute to the night. Terri and Mari were picked upon the most and were great fun. Our only slight niggle for this night was to be the ladies sat behind who did keep talking amongst themselves while the acts were on, which was a slight distraction.

Chris Brooker is now so familiar to us, he could be a fixture in our living room. He always comperes two regular gig of ours, and is always fantastic, knowing exactly how to handle the audience and get them ready for the night ahead. His extra ginger beard growth, getting ready for Movember, does make his chin look somewhat like a hairy pumpkin, well I suppose it is the right time of year for it.

First up tonight Craig Murray, currently fronting the Plusnet ad campaign on TV. He was extremely confident, both in posture and vocally. With some great material on family life. A real hit both with us and the crowd. And another front rower Andy fell victim to not knowing how long he had ben married which had the crowd in stitches.

Middle act tonight was the lovely Katie Mulgrew, daughter of veteran comic Jimmy Cricket, which she mentions in her act. And she is right, when you pull back the ginger hair and take off the glasses she is the spit of him. A real up and comer with some great slightly quirky anecdotes, we hope we see her again soon. She was a bubbly offstage as on as we found out later and will be very high on our Edinburgh list for next year.

We have waited a very long time to see our headliner, Sol Bernstein, alter ego of character actor Steve Jameson. Sol is an 84-year old archetypal Jewish comic too old to respect the cloying political correctness of modern comedy. A brilliant parody, and by far the best character comedy we have seen, and we have seen a lot. The crowd were in stitches from start to finish as were we. A brilliant end to a brilliant night. Will never see Sol beer again without thinking of him.

Three top acts and, unlike virtually every other night we go to, no filler or lulls.

Thanks to everyone involved and roll on the Christmas special at the Holiday Inn on 29th November. Get your tickets here while you can…


Anagrams for tonight.

Sol Bernstein Silenter Snob
Katie Mulgrew Like Mug Water
Craig Murray I’m Agar Curry
Chris Brooker Horsier Brock


Sol, Katie, Carole and Chris (Craig had gone home)


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