19th November 2013, Adam Hills – Happyism – Exeter Corn Exchange

Ting tong iddle I po!

Where to start with the Australian Adam Hills? I don’t  think we’ve seen anything quite like him! He is a refreshing change  from the average stand-up, even coming on stage to no voice of God announcement whatsoever and a whole two minutes  early!

His act was billed as two sessions of 45mins with  a fifteen minute break and with no messing off we went into the first  section at a pace. Questioning the audience, he soon found out who was  in from Exeter and who was from elsewhere. A shout out from several  of us on the question of whether there were any Cornish in, and he homed  in immediately on Dave (we were front row yet again) who had worn his  “Keep Calm and Don’t be a Dick” t-shirt, (The phrase Don’t be a Dick being associated with Adam on the TV programme “The Last  Leg”), a few seconds later Dave found himself being photographed against  the background of the audience “being dicks” and being tweeted.

Dave at Adam Hills

Another section on accents and a good try at a West  Country one, plus a good impersonation of his tv co-presenter Josh Widdicombe  delighted the punters.

Adam’s act is energetic and uplifting. Absolutely  not happy to stay on the four foot high stage, he lowered himself off  it and was in amongst the audience within minutes, moving people around  if they weren’t in a good spot/were too tall/too short, on their own,  getting in someone else’s way.

Adam, in full flow, was waxing lyrical about all the  weird and wonderful place names down here in the West Country,   and a lady directly behind us shouted out that he hadn’t said the best  ones, Inner Ting Tong and Outer Ting Tong (near Exeter). This got a  few comments that maybe these were good names for ladies’ breast areas,  especially those belonging to the shouter outer who was very well blessed  in the mammary department!

After a section of material with Adam imitating a  Swedish accent and including a short piece of dialogue about Swedish fjords,  we went into an interval.

After the break the second part of the show went on  as before, with a lot more audience interaction including tweets made  to Adam during the break, and a written heckle left on the stage about  fjords NOT being lakes. The piece of paper was handed down to Dave with  instructions to “pass it around so everyone could see it”, but he  promptly spotted that fjords had been spelled incorrectly, passed it  back for examination and the heckler was thoroughly ridiculed, which  led to the best heckle of the night (according to Hills) that “I may  not have spelled fjords correctly but at least I know they’re not fucking  lakes!”

The gig moved along with some great stories about  interviews gone wrong, more accents, more making the audience move about  (health and safety notwithstanding!) and Adam asking whose husband had  tweeted at the break, asking if his wife could stroke Adam’s prosthetic  leg. Someone at the back put their hand up and Adam went over and raised  his trouser leg so that she could have a good feel. Hills has had a new prosthetic styled like a Terminator robotic limb and it looks fab.

Adam has a “big closing number” and he needs  backing dancers for it so he asked for some “volunteers” and  of course, once again Dave was targeted, along with the Inner and Outer  Ting Tong lady,  prosthetic stroker lady and other previously spoken  to audience members. They all disappeared stage right for costumes and  instructions on what to do leaving Adam to set up the number, which  involved talking about sharing a stage with the Muppets of TV fame,  and how he had really wanted to “Touch the Frog”

All too soon the backing dancers were brought on,  in full evangelical choir mode with long white surplices embellished  with spiky frog collars. They rocked, danced and swayed behind Adam  as he belted out his closing song. A brilliant end to a great gig that,  in the end, ran over by a half hour…but nobody was complaining!




Anagram – Adam Hill – Hid Llamas


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