23rd November 2013, Saltash Football Club

For the first time outside of a festival we had a gig we could actually go to without one of us driving and not being able to drink, Saltash Football Club being a couple of minutes walk from our home.

This was the fourth month of this gig and the first we didn’t have tickets for something else. We probably would not have gone this time if we had known the full line-up before we had bought tickets as it contained several acts we have already seen multiple times this year. Buying tickets had been a bit of an ordeal in itself with the advertised phone number leading to someone who was on holiday as I found out later. This gig appears to be woefully promoted in the town and we have only ever seen one poster for it in Saltash in the four months it has been going.

We turned up half an hour before the start time to walk into a virtually empty room, in fact at that time there were more comics and promoters than audience members. It did not improve much with the audience peaking at fifteen people. There was a first in that Carole and I were the youngest audience members by far for most of the gig until a guy came in later and spoiled it. Average audience age was probably 60. With a crowd so small the comics were always going to struggle somewhat. But they made a good fist of it.

Frank Honeybone Mc’d for the third time in front of us this year. He is a fantastically laid back character ideally suited to this role and makes a pretty good go of things considering. Matt Rees was also in front of us for the third time this year, we know his routine pretty well, but he has a few new bits which we enjoyed. It was a bit of a struggle for him to connect with this older crowd.

A break then our middle act, Gary Tro, who got to do a bit more material than expected as the other middle act had pulled out earlier that day. A lot was about his work as a teacher and a particular seven year-old student. Gary was the only new act to us tonight and did a really good job in the circumstances, we hope we see him again.

A final break then one of our favourite acts, Kiwi Javier Jarquin. We have seen him so many times, the material is very samey for us, but he is much more accomplished that when we first saw him two years ago. Lots of material about the differences between Britain and NZ and lots about whiney Australians. he went down really well with the small crowd.

To be frank, this was not a night we enjoyed. The small crowd and largely same acts meant there was extremely  little for us here. We went home wishing we had saved our money and stayed in and watched the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary instead. I would very much doubt we will be back unless it’s a completely new (to us) line-up, or whether this night will survive as it stands.

Anagrams: Javier Jarquin – I’ve Jar-Jar Quin, Frank Honeybone – Hoe, Fanny Broken, Matt Rees – Teamster, Gary Tro – Gyrator

Gary, Matt, Frank, Javier


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