1st December 2013 – Jimeoin – Corn Exchange, Exeter

 Minuting the minutiae

 Coming on just a few minutes late for his unsupported  first half, Jimeoin danced onstage to the old  80s hit Disco Inferno  (burn baby burn) and started his act as he meant to go on, dissecting  parts of life that pass most folks by without comment or thought.

 He started with his own appearance (“this isn’t  me, this isn’t how I normally look”) in jeans, t-shirt and, well hidden,  a very sparkly belt!

 He queried relationships in the front row (us included)  and spent some time picking apart Penny and Paul, (her coat, how long  they had been together etc).  He said that he’d be on, do some  jokes, but not too funny as he’d to save some for the second half. His  humour is quiet, dry and understated, funny without being rip roaringly  so.

 Just before the break we had some work with props,  a book, an apple, binoculars (good joke, I won’t spoil it by telling  you!)

 As the evening wore on we had a great section on parts  of conversation and just where do you look when trying to remember events  from a long time ago, who was there, what they said, small details,  everything aimed at a different point over his head, or to the side  stage…all done so cleverly with call backs every few sentences. Laughter  and giggling abounded, especially from our friend Emms who had (extremely  co-incidentally), unbeknownst to us bought a ticket for the show months  before, and still ended up sitting next to us! Jimeoin told her that  her laugh “was genetic”. 

 The electric guitar that had been sitting quietly  (but not unnoticed!) at the back of the stage was brought into the act  at the end with some humerous songs that were rich in titles but not  in verses, being of the one line persuasion. It wasn’t a bad end to  the evening, and we had an encore too which even had a couple of verses!

 A thoroughly enjoyable show but not one we will remember  for long. With 255 shows under our belt this year this was pretty safe  crowd friendly stuff and nothing that will win any awards for ground breaking humour, not that it is a bad thing.


 Anagram – Jimeoin – I Join Me..


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