4th December 2013, Plymouth B-Bar

A Matt finish!

Vahid (MC), Matt Dwyer, Richard James, Matt  Price

Dave has done the background to this one, to be read elsewhere on this blog. I’m blogging the gig itself.

Seating ourselves near the back for a change (the front row again had horrible backless chairs which would have my lumbar  discs screaming after about five minutes), we waited for the stream of food coming out of the kitchen to dry up, and finally the gig began.

Our MC for the night was Vahid, an Iranian chap who  we’ve seen twice before, and to be honest, didn’t do what either of  us would call an MC’s job. He’s an amenable enough bloke, and has some material to raise quiet chuckles but several of his jokes seemed quite long winded and overly contrived, at least to my ears. His MC persona is nowhere near strong enough and he struggled to remember the name of at least one of his fellow comics, an MC comedy crime. We’ve only ever see him do his own act and so maybe MCing is new to him – I hope so and that if he gets a bit more practice he might realise that  what he should have been doing was…

…Exactly what Matt Dwyer, as our opener, was doing  within seconds of getting on stage…namely, getting to know what kind  of audience we had, asking questions, making fun of certain punters and  generally getting some decent material out there. We’ve seen  Matt at least twice this year already (and several times last year as well) and although he has some new stuff, we did rehear old material  too. We liked his James Bond food related anecdotes and on the crowd  being asked for more examples to add to his food/Bond film collection,  we obliged with a scrap of paper with a few ideas scribbled on it.

A break, a few more “jokes” from Vahid, and  then, the very well known to us, Richard James was brought on. Richard,  a local lad, runs the Comedy Avengers open mic night at several venues  around the Plymouth area and we have seen him many times in the last  year. Richard had a mix of old and new material…he tried to get the  crowd onside but they seemed to be in a bit of a dip and we’ve seen  him be funnier at the Maritime Inn just up the road, especially when MCing.

After another (what seemed to us very long) break, Vahid introduced Matt Price. Matt is a lovely bloke and we have seen  him many times, including his own show in Edinburgh where he told a  great story about his adventures in Turkey last summer.

Matt came on in fine style; deciding that the crowd  needed revving up and boy did he turn the key and put his foot down  full throttle. Roaring at them because someone else in the audience  who’d also seen him before asked him if he “had any new material Fuckface”   Matt has a rapport with audiences almost from the get go because he tells off the idiotic ones for being “a bit special” but always  in the nicest possible way and often breaks up into smiles and chuckles  when trying to appear stern, incredulous and angry.

Matt did indeed have some new material, mixed in with  the funniest bits of his old material and he soon had the audience sounding  like a proper comedy crowd should ie. laughing their heads off; and  after having a go at us as well for “stalking” him, we were  soon joining in. Matt did a nice round up to the end of his act  and went off to his well earned loud applause.

Then we had Vahid to round off the evening and once  again fluff a comic’s name. Surely if they’re that hard to remember,  write them on your hand?



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