15th January 2014 – Bigmouth Comedy – The Seven Stars, Totnes

The Stars just keep Shining.

Once again we found ourselves settling down to a night  at The Seven Stars for Bigmouth Comedy’s regular bi monthly comedy event.

Our regular MC, Chris Brooker,  got the night  off to a great start with his brilliant warm up, taking the mickey out  of  Virgin and his experiences of their employees at his pre Christmas  gigs. I don’t think Virgin are the only ones who provide such parties  of comedy gig goers at Christmas time; it’s our experience that any  office party has the potential to cause chaos because most of them have  no clue on comedy etiquette but that’s bye the bye. Let’s just say as  comedy loving punters they’re not our ideal audiences. Anyway…I’ve  got sidetracked, Chris started the night off well and soon brought on  our opener Tiernan Douieb.

We had never seen Tiernan before so did not know exactly  what to expect, but it was all good. Tiernan makes no bones about his  political leanings and his own activist antics.  Bringing back  to my mind Mark Thomas and his “acts of dissent”, Tiernan has his  own way of making his feelings known. We both liked him and I’m just  sorry I’ll miss his longer show at the Exeter Bike Shed at the end of  the month as I can’t get away from work on time!

Into a break, then Chris gave us a few more of his  inimitable lines and then introduced us to another Chris. Chris Coltrane.

Mr Coltrane’s act is of a similar ilk to Tiernan’s  but maybe a little lighter on the activist front. He has strong opinions  on politics and is not afraid to share them. A very funny guy and we  particularly liked his material on the Queen’s Bombay Mix…you definitely  have to hear it from the man himself.

Another quick loo and bar break and back to our final  and headlining act: Junior Simpson.  A bit of a dynamo, Junior  came bouncing on stage with tales of his school days and black stereotyping  as he grew up. He had plenty of material to keep the audience happy  for his whole act. Junior does a good accent (Scottish, posh English)  and was well worth his headliner billing.

Yet another lovely night at The Seven Stars and of  course we will be back in two months!



Left to right (anagram in brackets): Junior Simpson (Jism Pus On Iron), Chris Coltrane (Art Chronicles), Tiernan Douieb (Untidier Beano), Chris Brooker (Sir Rob Choker)




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