17th January 2014 – Plymouth Comedy Club – Plymouth Citybus

The City Bus night is on the move.

Back to the City Bus Social Club in Plymouth for what  promised to be another great night of comedy.

Chris Brooker, everybody’s favourite ginger Viking,  bounced on stage at 8.30pm to start our night off finding out about  his audience and regaling us with tales of floods and other antics.  We think Chris is just about the best MC out there. He is a gentleman  giant with a laid back manner but woebetide any punter who thinks they  can get out of hand…I don’t know quite how he does it, but Chris soon  gets the better of anyone who tries to make the night all about them,  and very effectively he does it  too!

All too soon we were introduced to our first act,  Vince Atta. This was our first viewing of Vince and   he kept  us happy with a mix of slight surreality (having a conversation with  the large poster of Chris Brooker’s face that sits on the stage for  all their comedy nights) and material on his background (he is mixed  race but says he is so pale skinned that he easily passes for white,  much to his glee and some people’s consternation). He did a lovely skit  around the story Three Billy Goats Gruff and he had plenty of well deserved  verbal darts for people who dare to be racist in his hearing –  keep throwing them Vince!

Our first break, more of Chris our wonderful MC, and  on to our middle act – Adam Staunton. We saw Adam last year at  the Seven Stars in Totnes, and I’ve checked this with him…it’s perfectly  all right to say that Adam has grown since then. Short of stature but  sprouting in comedic talent in all directions! His material, some of  it poking fun at himself, perfect timing, his callbacks, all of it is  spot on and I for one, can’t wait to see him in another year…in fact,  I’m sticking my neck out here and saying that he should be headlining  and somebody out there in tv land should be paying attention!

Our second break came and went  and then we had  an announcement from Chris re the fact that the City Bus night is being  relocated to the Plymouth Albion Rugby Club for their next gig in May.   A surprise to many who will be sad to see the end of their nights at  City Bus…and we’ll definitely miss the very reasonable bar prices.  Hopefully PARC won’t disappoint on that front.

Soon the lovely Ray Peacock was being brought on stage  for our delectation. We hadn’t seen Ray since we saw him as part of  his double act with Ed Gamble in Edinburgh last year. A grinning hairy  face cannot hide the mischief that lurks inside Ray and he is only ever  one remark away from trouble with any authority you care to name (much  to his best friend Ed’s dismay).

His material included getting sacked from Deal or  No Deal, a lovely piece about landing himself and his fellow car travellers  in grief with the boys in blue and just generally being A VERY NAUGHTY  BOY, but very lovable with it! He had the audience in the palm of his  hand and brought the night to a very satisfactory end.



In descending height order (anagrams in brackets) – Chris Brooker (Becki’s Horror), Vince Atta (Active Ant), Ray Peacock (A Perky Coca), Adam Staunton (A Standout Man) (Dave: I used the same anagram for Adam last time we saw him too, but its one of my faves so I am keeping it!)


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