30th January 2014 – Exeter Phoenix – Paul Sinha

Dave was looking forward to this gig with much more anticipation than myself. Not that I had anything at all against Paul, but Dave has always been a big quizzing man and likes the tv programme The Chase (Paul is one of the “chasers”) and so he was looking forward to see how he performed as a stand-up. I was just happy to be in the front row of The Phoenix once more. It’s a fairly chilled out place and drinks in hand, we made ourselves comfy and more or less on time the show started.

Paul is a man of interesting background, his parents came to the UK from India in 1968 and Paul was born a couple of years later. He graduated as a doctor, much to his parents’ delight, then became a comedian (they weren’t so keen on that part). He also did very well in the quizzing scene becoming the 12th best quizzer in Britain. Paul also eventually “came out of the closet” and is in the fairly exclusive club of being a quizzing, tv appearing, gay, ex-GP, stand-up comedian!

Paul is a big guy, broad of face and shoulders. He has plenty of charisma and knows how to put his material across. He had some fascinating stuff to say on meeting celebrities (they have celebrity versions of The Chase) and how he finds it difficult to talk to them. We also had the story of a certain “old school” comedian known to be racist, who came to one of Paul’s shows and whilst seemingly nice to his face after the show, was soon enough doing some strong backstabbing in his blog.

During the show we’d also had to put up with some male members of the audience near the back who while not constantly shouting out, were making themselves loud enough, frequently enough to be a bit annoying (at least to my ears) but Paul wasn’t too fazed. One of the guys kept telling Paul how his mate “fancied him” and was disappointed that Paul already had a partner.

There were some cracking lines on his appearance in Ireland a couple of days after the 9/11 tragedy and unthinking innocent racism as only the Irish can deliver it.

There was a question and answer session at the end of it which seemed to veer mostly towards Paul’s role as The Sinnerman in The Chase and he pulled it to an end eventually as not all the audience were Chase fans and he felt they might be getting a bit fed up with it.

We both really enjoyed this show. Paul Sinha is a highly intelligent, funny comic and seemingly a very nice guy as well!



Dave: (Anagram: Paul Sinha – Anus Phial).  Paul had a section where he talked about  how he met his partner, partly through playing Countdown online. Having been a Countdown contestant in 1989 (losing to a 13 year old wunderkid) this particularly resonated with me . When he had his Q&A, I think I was about the only person who did not ask about the Chase when I asked him what the longest word he could come up with out of the letters of his own name. He came up with PLAINS for 6, when there are a couple of 7s including PLANISH.


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