7th February – Calstock Arts – Jo Caulfield – Celebration of Anger

A Celebration of Laughter! 

The weather forecast was dreadful (Superstorm Saturday  was coming!!) and so we were hoping for a prompt start  by Jo and  not to run late so we could get home at a reasonable hour and so it  was to be.

We’d last seen Jo in Edinburgh last year at the Radio  4 Extra Stand Up Show in the BBC tent thanks to getting lucky in a draw for the tickets. She had been MCing and did a very good job  of it too!

Just after eight Jo announced herself and popped onto  the tiny raised stage looking amazing in long legged skinny jeans, shiny  silver trainers, logo’d tshirt and fine leather bomber jacket. Masses  of blonde hair completed the rock chick look.

Jo kicked off by telling us that she’d just come from  Eastbourne after her agent had booked her in there telling her that  it was on the south coast and not far! Also a local road being closed  caused her a long detour…all well in line with the loosely connected  stories making up the Anger theme…things that annoy Jo!!

After that we were onto the subject of short people  being a pain in the neck to people like herself (tall!) and how she’s  always being asked for top shelf items by the vertically challenged.

There was lots of material on marriage, several people  were asked how long they’d been together for, how women put in work  to change how their men dress (but not me! I was told I obviously hadn’t  bothered too much with Dave and had let him go for the comfortable look!!)

Jo thinks all couples should have regular “appraisals”,  a sort of performance management for marrieds and came up with some  hilarious examples of this.

Jo and hubby moved to Edinburgh at some point and  Jo does a great Edinburgh accent, a posh Jean Brodie type voice.

There was so much material in Jo’s act that I felt  like she could have  done twice the time she did; as it was she  put in 2 x 45 minute sessions with a “just long enough” break  in the middle and never once did she flag, despite the guy who had come  and sat next to us in the almost empty front row, continually taking  photographs of her. He had asked the management and had been requested  to turn off the flash which he’d done but the camera did keep making  shutter noises which must have been a bit distracting – they were to us.

Jo is a warm, no-nonsense practical type who has had  a wealth of experience on the comedy circuit and I feel it would take a  lot to throw her…a couple of loudish comments from the back got clever  heckle flattening responses but without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

We really enjoyed Jo’s show and the atmosphere in  the Calstock Arts Centre is always a good one with a mostly lovely crowd.  We have nothing else booked there for a while, Andrew Lawrence is coming  up soon (http://calstockarts.org/wednesday-12-march-andrew-lawrence-there-is-no-escape/)  but we’ve seen his show already (at the Watermark in Ivybridge).



(Dave: Anagram: Jo Caulfield – Cajole Fluid)


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