2nd March – Ivybridge Watermark – Tom Wrigglesworth – Utterly At Odds With The Universe

Our second visit to the Watermark in Ivybridge (the first one was for Andrew Lawrence last May) was for Tom Wrigglesworth. Not a full house but a definite demographic agewise, a fact that Tom was not slow in pointing out…raising cheers from people born in various decades starting with the 50s.

Tom is a regular on Radio 4 and wickedly pointed out the shock that people who only knew him from the radio must have had when they saw him in the flesh…tall and very slim, with wild hair and 70s tache, dressed in faded blue jeans and a slightly military style jacket, he wouldn’t have looked out of place on the cover of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper album.

How to describe Tom’s show. With stage props of an overstuffed, comfy armchair, with a sidetable holding a pipe, family photos and an old fashioned cassette recorder complete with tapes, he tells the tale of his relationship with his Grandad. Of Yorkshire stock, (Tom is from Sheffield) Grandad always wore a suit no matter what he was doing and his favourite phrase of “a personal best” was an ever present constant in young Tom’s life and through to his adulthood.

Interweaving memories of the past with incidents from a holiday abroad in Dubai and texts on his mobile from his mum at home, he brings his story to an end which is at once poignant and heartwarming and definitely provoked a tear or two from both of these bloggers.

Tom has a magical story telling style and we were very impressed by his show and his manner. He was out from behind the wings very quickly to have a chat with his audience as they were leaving the venue, and was lovely to chat to.

A beautiful show that we think any comedy fan would love, we would highly recommend catching it while it is still touring and we only wish it had been better attended. Come on Ivybridge!!


(Dave: Anagram: Tom Wrigglesworth – Tighter Glow Worms)


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