2nd April 2014 – Plymouth B-Bar

Rich Morton

Philip Simon was our MC for this month’s B-Bar comedy night. Last seen by us fairly recently at Annabel’s where he was subjected to quite a rowdy crowd and we certainly did not see the best of what he had to offer that night.

Tonight was a different crowd and apart from a slightly dodgy start when “Brian” decided to tell him to “get on with it” Philip had a much better response and he was able to give us some of his material, a lot of it based on his impending fatherhood. Philip adlibs well and had some good banter for the punters.

Soon enough we had our opener Iszi Lawrence. The last time we saw her was right there in the B-Bar last year. Iszi is “posh” and bisexual, using those facts in her act. We recognised some of the material from before but there were also some new lines to keep us entertained. I like Iszi a lot, she has a very individual look and is not afraid to use a bit of shock and awe to get a reaction.

From a woman’s point of view it’s always good to see some female comedians on the bill and tonight we had been sent two of them. After a short interval we were introduced to Maggy Whitehouse who introduced herself as an independent Catholic priest who had been ex-communicated.  I wasn’t quite sure, and I don’t think the crowd were either, what to make of Maggy or her act. Fairly innocuous by some standards, sometimes earthy but nothing too shocking, Maggy had a go at the atheists in the crowd asking what they said at the moment of orgasm. There wasn’t much else in the way of material beyond her introduction and a few insights from a religious point of view, none of which struck major chords.

Back to Phil for a bit of chat and then into our final act, Rich Morton, who came on stage with his guitar. Phil makes fun of his own appearance in his act as he does indeed look a lot like an elderly Billy Idol and several other known celebrities!

His act comprises of some good one liners mixed with spoof type songs and guitar playing in a variety of genres, as long as the genres are of his own choosing, no matter how many ideas he elicits from the audience! He’s been around for a while, telling us he had supported Jack Dee at the Pavilions, and been heckled brilliantly for his trouble.

He has some good material within his songs, especially the one about the Royal Family, which had some good rhymes, along with several other pieces that had the crowd laughing raucously and clapping at the end of every stanza. All in all a good headliner who brought the night to an end with a high energy finish.


Dave’s Anagrams: Richard Morton – Torrid Monarch, Iszi Lawrence – I Win Lez Races, Philip Simon – Pimp His Loin, Maggy Whitehouse – The Omagh Wiseguy


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