13th April 2014 – Zafiros, Truro.

Barking Mad but F**king Funny

Hosted by the totally off the planet brain skewed Harriet Dyer, this was a lovely wee gig. Zafiros is a bar and restaurant just off Truro city centre. It has a main street entrance which for the purpose of the gig was locked off as it was next to the stage and seating area set up for the night so the entrance was around to the rear where some outdoor tables and chairs were being put to good use by some early comedy fans.

Having had our hands stamped we made our way inside for a drink and to find some lovely comfy sofas had been set up as a front row, with more usual dining type chairs laid out behind. How could we resist such a comfortable seat for the night? The seats behind soon filled up and there were people standing at the back – not bad at all for a Sunday evening.

Harriet, our host for the night, is a true force of nature, tall and slender, legs and arms akimbo, voice going up and down the scale, ideas coming out all over the place, there is no describing her accurately and the well overused phrase “has to be seen to be appreciated” is never more true here. Harriet on stage is a butterfly going here and there, never settling anywhere. If you can catch Harriet either MCing or in a main spot I recommend that you don’t miss her. We’ve seen her before in Edinburgh and other places but this was the best we’d ever seen her. No material was repeated as far as I can recall and the punters and both of us were goggle eyed at her body language, general gawkiness and zany demeanour.

Too soon Harriet’s warm up was over and we were re-introduced to Gary Tro. We’ve seen him before at total waste of a night with just ten in the audience at Saltash Football Club. This time he got to shine and he was excellent. He works in a primary school as a day job and has some great stories around the kids he deals with every day. Squeaking into stratospheric regions, his voice caused a lot of amusement as he ranted around various subjects and he went down very well with the Truro punters.

A short break, a teeny bit more of the delicious Harriet and then she brought on Mark Cram who told us about his brother, his dad’s favourite, because he was in the Royal Marines, whereas Mark had a part time day job and some comedian work in the evenings! Mark asked a family behind us who was the favourite, nearly causing an argument between brother and sister. He then told us that he was gay, but not a camp gay…and had we guessed? Nobody was saying if they had. Very likeable, Mark put his material across with confidence and was much appreciated, getting a big round of applause.

Harriet told us we were having another teeny break and soon enough was back to introduce to us Rich Wilson. New to us, Rich, short and hairy, was very down to earth and not afraid to talk dirty. He is a clever guy and knows how to judge his audience. Highly observational and very relaxed in his delivery, Rich gave us inoffensive smut for a 21st century comedy audience and we thoroughly enjoyed his set. One piece of material about IKEA withdrawing cakes because of having too much faecal matter made Dave laugh a lot both at the time and later!

Harriet came back on at the end and commented on the faecal matter (she had confused it with foetal matter) and this led down an interesting avenue. This caused Dave to snort with laughter. She is as mad as a barrel of frogs.

This was a super gig. Next time we are promised two Edinburgh previews so get on down there Cornwall.


(Dave: Anagrams: Gary Tro – Gyrator, Harriet Dyer – Her dreary I.T., Rich Wilson – Irish Clown, Mark Cram (really hard to anagram) –  Mr. Rackam

Rich Wilson, Mark Cram, Harriet Dyer, Gary Tro


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