18th April – Cream, Minehead.

Lapping it up at Cream!

This was a late arranged trip up to Minehead for an Easter Weekend holiday treat; a wee walk around the well laid out park admiring fat squirrels, then dinner and comedy at Cream, a little bar and restaurant in Minehead town centre. What a little treasure of a venue; the staff are all lovely and friendly and the service was great.  Dave treated me to a bottle of Prosecco, then we had some lovely main courses and a very luscious pud to follow. To add to all of that we had a good view of the comedy area from our high seats at a tall table and were ready to be entertained.

And entertained we were. First up was our MC, Paul Ricketts. Last seen by us at Brixham Lytehouse  in December last year (the final show for us in 2013), Paul is a confident and assured MC and comedian. Dissecting his role for us, he told us it was his job to get to know the audience but that they could lie and answer anything they liked to his questions; and so we found we had in the audience a postman who struggled to deliver to base camp Everest and an abattoir manager (who was there celebrating her birthday with friends) who had to deal with slaughtering kittens. What imaginations!

Paul soon brought on Stephen Carlin. We’ve seen Stephen before, back in 2012, and enjoyed his comedy then. Stephen is a fellow Scot and has very dry wit. Material around alcohol, heroin and Scots stereotyping plus a novel view on sex with the relatives (take your binoculars!) and Catholic guilt. All good stuff and the crowd (and us) were having fun…and so into a break.

We weren’t kept waiting too long before our MC Paul came on with material on his maturing age (plucking white hairs in the beard) and then brought on Ric Wharton, who in a rich North East accent told us that he had a degree in comedy which didn’t get him a long way when he had to sign on at the job centre. Observational material on an array of subjects including his thoughts on night vision piracy in cinemas, sunglasses and homosexual relations kept the punters happy and  then it was time for our next act, Patrick Casey.

Patrick, last seen by us at the very late lamented Leaping Salmon in Horrabridge in January 2013, has grown in confidence and has more material. Hailing from Bognor Regis he told us about his local police facility for texting for help when your house is being burgled – very reassuring! The youngsters waiting outside for a bus had not gone unnoticed and several ascerbic lines were dished up regarding them too.

A last break and then Paul called for welcoming applause for our headliner, ex-snooker player, Sean Meo. Sean has been a stand up comedian since 1989 and almost nothing is sacrosanct to him. If you’re easily offended you’d better leave early in Sean’s act as the current murder story around Oscar Pistorius was fair game, as were ambulance drivers,  the paralympics and boxing, referees, cruise ships, the price of shellfish and room service. Blistering stuff and all told to a very appreciative audience. We’d definitely go and see him again!

All in all well done Cream; you have a lovely comedy night going here and it was well worth our 180+ round trip and the late night drive home!


Patrick Casey, Ric Wharton, Sean Meo, Stephen Carlin, Paul Ricketts

Dave: Anagrams: Sean Meo – O Enemas, Stephen Carlin – Lean Sphincter, Paul Ricketts – Luckiest Prat, Ric Wharton – Norwich Art, Patrick Casey – Pacey Kit Cars


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